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Please comment before adding me bc ive stopped accepting random invites bc bots :P
Welcome to my profile! I guess.
Also, ill only accept your add if you have a public inventory. Fuck off scammers. Ya bastards.

Just a heads up:
I will occasionally remove inactive/ people I don't interact with on my friends list. If you ever wonder why or you think it was a mistake, comment and I'll get in contact with you! :^)
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Howdy Ho Neighborino!
Riddley Diddley!
》I'm generally a lax guy so if you saw me really salty, which is unlikely, i fully encourage you to scold me in my comments!
》I dont really like the idea of "mains" in Team Fortress 2 but i hop around what class ill play a lot. Right now im in a Heavy Weapons Guy stage.
》Games I play a lot are:
• Team Fortress 2
• CS:GO( this case in particular I only either play dm or w/ bots bc cs has wierd movement compared to tf2 so im bad.)
• Hotline Miami
• Left 4 Dead

If you're reading this then I hope you have an amazing day!

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No worries Boyo, My pizza was getting cold anyways
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This guy got salty in my Roblox D-Day RP because I kept sniping him with my MG-42
-rep Wouldn't trust to hold the frontlines of Germany ever again!
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H3 w4s 4 g4m3r b0i sh3 s4id s33 y4 l8r b0i
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