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If you add me, leave a comment why on my profile if you fail to do so you will be blocked. This is your only warning, you wont be unblocked afterwords.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can i add you?
A: Yes, if you want to add me leave a reason why on my profile. You will otherwise be blocked instantly.

Q: Will you make more Dark souls 3 npcs?
A: Maybe, take that with a very very little grain of salt. It isn't a game im too fond of ever proceeding in doing in the future because of how the animations work.

Q: Why are you so mean?
A: I'm not, it's the fact people choose to not read anything what-so-ever or spam me with "make this" or "make that". Keep in mind, i do this for free and that can always change in the future.

Q: What are you going to be doing for more SNPC packs?
A: Truth be told, i have no idea. But i might take my content in towards working with DrVrej mainly for commission's.

Q: When will dark souls SNPCs be released?
A: In September or October, i plan on getting as much of them done when i get back as i can, there will be a few parts to them. I hope to keep it small and only have to require people to get materials. Other than that it'll be a bit of a wait as usual.

Q: When will the halo ce SNPCs be updated?
A: To be quite frank with all of you, i hate that pack with a burning passion thanks to Keyes. Sadly i still need to update it, but after the grunts, jackals and marines are added, I will never touch that pack again other than bug fixes.

Q: Will you stick with gmod forever?
A: No, i will be moving to Pragma (Silverlans Game engine) when i get the chance. I'm also hoping vrej will end up moving to it too, if that's the case i'll be switching over to it pretty fast and taking my content with me and be ditching gmod entirely. His engine is free so no one has a right to complain in the slightest.

Q: When is "so and so" being released?
A: Not everthing i have has a release date, although i'm trying to be more consitent with content updates. I'm also trying to keep people more up to date with the things i release.

Q: Requests and suggestions, do you take either?
A: I don't do requests and suggests must be about game changing abilities not "add this and that npc" or something like "the npc should have this as a weapon." Something more along the lines of "It should move around a lot more." Or anything to further improve its AI, i know there is people out there who have some pretty good ideas that some SNPCs should do certain things or other things better.

Q: Can i request an SNPC?
A: It seriously depends on the magnitude of your request. As i said before i do not take them, however there's exceptions. Do you want the SNPC for you only? Do you want it for public use? Etc. In that case i will charge you money for it to be made. Details for complexity will be discussed if you add me, when you add me for such a request specific state what you want when you add me so i know.

Q: When is the next update for such and such addon?
A: There is no set update for anything I make, when an update is done i will set a release date prior so i can manage all the things i do within a specific timeframe.

Q: Is there any other way we can contact you?
A: Yes through my discord, I'll accept pretty much anyone on discord. People who spam me there will be blocked in a heartbeat same rule applies to the block rule stated in my bio. This isn't an invitation for you to spam me or request me for things.

Discord: God#6461

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Kowalski 11 hours ago 
Where a new charity Dark souls?
[LL] Infinity Tech Sep 22 @ 8:49am 
Hey I had a question about your Nazi Zombies snpcs. How did you get the effects for the eyes like that?
[VG] Augernaut Sep 20 @ 5:19pm 
Hey man, thanks for making that Halo SNPC pack. It's awesome.
Killjoy Sep 14 @ 3:36pm 
Your horror snpc mod is really entertaining to use. especially on foggy maps. Very well done.
Freedom Milita forces Sep 11 @ 5:25pm 
aye just passing by id tell you myself u got a nice profile but ill just leave it here since thats what u said
Mayhem Sep 6 @ 9:54am 
Hmm, well at least gmod will have better everything come to think of it. Possibly no bone limit, better physics, better rendering, etc.