Ile-de-France, France
Youtube fuck.

*DEAD* Sideshow#2580 : GET FUCIKED IN OWNED]

REAL LIFE SRY :< : ur shit
Player REAL LIFE SRY :< left the game (Disconnect by user.)

strikuur : it's only gg when you win rofl

17:37 - ϟ Mangle: it asked me to select all the food to prove im not a robot
17:37 - ϟ Mangle: and i selected the beer
17:37 - ϟ Mangle: :(

AzuresFlames[HOPE] : u dumb u cant eve type

benny mix? : l8er nerd, ill see you on div 6
Player benny mix? left the game (Disconnect by user.)

15:12 - Mangle: my grandads a nazi

Mangle: hes english is bad

Logotastic : nice crouch spamming

[Admin]NOOT | Marsu : nice fake aimbot tho
[Admin]NOOT | Marsu : had me thinking for a second

21:58 - Jaeger: là je dois aller vomir à cause de tes flicks de grand-mères

mangles time of year i guess : normally she has her dick in my mouth

*DEAD*(TEAM) 미스터 콧수염 : they are fat scum sucking bastards aka 8 years

nubbi #newsens : jumpscript mains

Tew : why are you so good in mge but blow in game
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hey U sell youre "Tyrant's HelmEffect: Scorching Flames" ?