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Hello, ladies and gentlemen of the Steam Community! As you can tell, I have come back from the grave to walk among the Steam Community and am now roaming the servers of the video game "Team Fortress 2" wherever the full moon rises or the kids of the neighborhood go trick-or-treating. As a social undead gentleman, I always appreciate it when I make acquaintance with anyone.

***Real stuff about me***

Name: Jonathan Brown
Spirit Animal: Spider (so if youre a cougar, hawk, or owl, your great in my book.)
Favorite things: Robots, Art, and goofing off.
Food: Should I even list it? I'm not picky about anything, except peas and overly bitter stuff. ESPECIALLY PEAS!
Favorite quotes: "Hank Hill: Dale, what did you do with last week's pizza money? Dale: ... I bought a hat..." - King of the Hill

Work: I am an all around artist that dabbles in digital art, traditional paper, and even 8-bit style spritework. I mainly work doing sprites for a mod for DOOM/Megaman 8bdm called "Unholy Bosses". I also dabble in making costumes in Garrys mod for the PAC3 addon. Don't be shy about asking me to make stuff; as I'll gladly do it if it's within my capability (Don't be afraid to tip me either. I love it when people reward me for my work).

**(:3)**FUNNY STEAM CHATS........................................ STOP LOOKING AT THIS TITLE**(XD)**

Saturday, January 26, 2013
11:05 AM - Maxxor501: Whatcha doing?
11:07 AM - Flower-Girl Of Teufort ♥: Playin with my bf :3
11:07 AM - Maxxor501: Oh, you have a boyfriend? Good for you! I'm so jealous I, cuz I don't have a gf
11:08 AM - Flower-Girl Of Teufort ♥: :3
11:09 AM - Maxxor501: Well, Might as well start up my gmod and play with my Mf.
11:09 AM - Maxxor501: That's my Melon Friend
11:09 AM - Maxxor501: :D
11:10 AM - Flower-Girl Of Teufort ♥: X3
11:11 AM - Flower-Girl Of Teufort ♥: I'd rather play with MY melons.... X3
11:11 AM - Maxxor501: XD

(note: In case you don't get this chat and how the joke is funny, me and Sir Francis XLII were doing a test on our spirit animals.)
9:30 PM - Maxxor501: :D
9:30 PM - Maxxor501: You are an owl
9:30 PM - Maxxor501: I like owls....
9:31 PM - Sir Francis XLII: Dude, owls are the shit.
9:31 PM - Maxxor501: But I despise martians that STEAL MY F***ING BURRITOS!
9:32 PM - Sir Francis XLII: Bastards...
9:32 PM - Maxxor501: Their only repelents are mafia hats.
9:32 PM - Maxxor501: They owe the mafia a LOT of money
9:33 PM - Sir Francis XLII: So, is it weird that when I saw "favorite animal story", I thought "CALL OF THE WILD WAS MY FAVORITE BOOOOK" In Jack Black's voice?
9:34 PM - Maxxor501: Only if you thought jack black was doing a disco on a unicorn when he said that.
9:34 PM - Sir Francis XLII: ... Fuck.
9:34 PM - Maxxor501: :D
9:34 PM - Sir Francis XLII: lol
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Hullo :O
I think I used to be friends with you and played TF2 with you?? I can't remember since its been a long while since I got on steam..
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