Maximilian "M3K" K.   Elmshorn, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
You can be a very good player, but there ever will be one guy who is better than you!
So there is just one Way to beat him:
"Stay with the project, move with the one!" ~Project One
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》Some Information:
:rc: Information abaut Me:
:p2orange: Name: Maximilian K.
:p2orange: Age: 18 Years
:p2orange: Gender: Male
:p2orange: Nationality: Portuguese/ German
:p2orange: Country: Germany
:p2orange: Languages: German and English
:p2orange: Favorite Game: CS:GO, Portal and Assassin´s Creed
:p2orange: Musik: Dupstep, Hardstyle, EDM and Rap

:rc: Available time's (CET [24h]; no fix Times):
:p2orange: Monday: 17:00-20:15
:p2orange: Tuesday: 16:15-17:15
:p2orange: Wednesday: 16:45-20:15
:p2orange: Thursday: 16:15-20:15
:p2orange: Friday: 15:00-23:00/19:00-01:00
:p2orange: Saturday: 18:30-00:00
:p2orange: Sunday: 16:00-20:15

:rc: Status
:p2orange: In Game = You can text/ ask/ invite me!
:p2orange: Online = You can text/ ask/ invite me!
:p2orange: Busy = Don't text/ ask/ invite me!
:p2orange: Away = You can text/ ask me, I will answer when I'm back!
:p2orange: Offline = Look for another way to contact me, or leave a comment!

:rc: Contact Me:
:p2orange: Twitter: Maximilian3K
:p2orange: Instagram: Maximilian3K [www.instagram.com]
:p2orange: TS3-ID: Maximilian "M3K" K.
:p2orange: E-Mail: k.3.maximilian@gmail.com
:p2orange: Twitch: M3K [twitch.tv]

:rc: More from me:
:p2orange: Blizzard: M3K#21280
:p2orange: Origin: Maximilian3K
:p2orange: Uplay: Maximilian3K
:p2orange: 99Damage [csgo.99damage.de]
:p2orange: ESL [play.eslgaming.com]
:p2orange: ESEA [play.esea.net]
:p2orange: FaceIt [www.faceit.com]
:p2orange: TreadeLink

:rc: About PENTA Sports [penta-sports.com]:
PENTA Sports is a club, founded in 2013 and officially launched on the 5th January 2014, which is mainly devoted to esport. Although, the club is still very young, their staff has a huge amount of experience. This occurs due to the fact that the club is the result of a cooperation between the organizations Concordia Gaming, diamondZ e.V., KomaCrew e.V., KD-Gaming e.V. and logiX e.V..
Many of these names might not be a term to you but one thing is certain - PENTA Sports will be one of those names you will remember in the future.

:rc: Information CS:GO:
:p2orange: Experience in CS:GO ≈3500h
:p2orange: Most effective weapon: AWP/ Desert Eagle/ AK-47
:p2orange: Main Role: AWPer
:p2orange: 2end Roles: Entry Fragger and In-Game Leader
:p2orange: Maps: Cache, Inferno and Mirage
:p2orange: Match-Making Rank: Supreme Master First Class
:p2orange: Wingman Rank: Supreme Master First Class
:p2orange: Old ESEA Rank: A+
:p2orange: FaceIt: Level 4
:p2orange: CEVO: N/A
:p2orange: ESL: N/A
:p2orange: Main Acc Stats [csgo-stats.com]

:rc: My Hardware:
:p2orange: GPU: AMD Radeon R9 280 with Dual-X and Boost
:p2orange: CPU: Intel Core i5-4670 4x3,4GHz 6MB Hanswell
:p2orange: RAM: DDR3 2x4GB/1600 (Crucial)
:p2orange: Mainboard: Asus
:p2orange: HDD: Kingston 3 TB
:p2orange: SSD: Samsung 128GB

:rc: My Equipment:
:p2orange: Monitor Nr. 1: Acer Predator GN246HLBbid (144Hz, 1 ms)
:p2orange: Monitor Nr. 2: LG (60Hz, 2ms)
:p2orange: Keybord: Razer Dathstalker
:p2orange: Gaming Keyboard: Razer Cynosa Chroma
:p2orange: Mouse: Razer Dathadder Chroma
:p2orange: 2end Mouse: Mad Catz R.A.T.5
:p2orange: Mousepad: HAVIT MP830
:p2orange: 2end Mousepad: Razer Control
:p2orange: Steam Controller
:p2orange: Steam Link

:rc: My Audio:
:p2orange: Headset: HyperX Cloud II
:p2orange: In-Ear Headset: RAZER Hammerhead Pro V2
:p2orange: Sound Setting: 7.1 Surround
:p2orange: Microphone: Auna Mic 900BG
:p2orange: In-Game Microphone: HyperX Cloud II Mic.
:p2orange: Soundcard: Asus

:rc: My Config:
:p2orange: AutoExec: DropBox [www.dropbox.com]
:p2orange: Config: DropBox [www.dropbox.com]
:p2orange: DPI: 400
:p2orange: Polling Rate: 1000Hz
:p2orange: Sensitivity 1.85
:p2orange: Zoom-Sens: 1.2
:p2orange: Rawinput: On (1)
:p2orange: Resolution: 1024x768(4:3 Streched)
:p2orange: Brightness: 1.6
:p2orange: Video: all Low
:p2orange: Multicore: Enabled
:p2orange: Multisampling: None
:p2orange: Filtering: Bilinear
:p2orange: FXAA: Disabled

:rc: My Crosshair:
cl_crosshair_drawoutline "0";
cl_crosshairalpha "255";
cl_crosshaircolor "1";
cl_crosshairdot "0";
cl_crosshairgap "-1,5";
cl_crosshairscale "0";
cl_crosshairsize "3";
cl_crosshairstyle "4";
cl_crosshairthickness "1";

:rc: My Viewmodel:
viewmodel_fov "60";
viewmodel_offset_x "1";
viewmodel_offset_y "1";
viewmodel_offset_z "-1,5;
viewmodel_presetpos "3";
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Market Transactions
:rc: For Trade:
:p2orange: Be lvl 10 or higher!
:p2orange: Do not spamming!
:p2orange: Don't ask for free Stuff!
:p2orange: I don't want cases without higher value!
:p2orange: You want a Item so pick for it and sent me a offer!
:p2orange: I wan't a collectible card, a CS:GO Item or a PUBG Item!

:rc: For add as Friend:
:p2orange: For add be Level 10 or higher!
:p2orange: Have a public Steam-Account!
:p2orange: Don´t have any VAC-, Game- oder Trade-Bans!
:p2orange: Don´t invite me without a reason into a Group!
:p2orange: Don´t spam with messages!
:p2orange: For exceptions ask as comment!
:p2orange: Don't add me without significant reason!

:rc: My ID´s:
:p2orange: Steamname: M'3'K
:p2orange: SteamID1: 76561198132962029
:p2orange: SteamID3: [U:1:172696301]
:p2orange: SteamID2: STEAM_0:1:86348150
:p2orange: SteamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198132962029
:p2orange: CustomURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Maximilian3K
:p2orange: Tradelink: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=172696301&token=eeegua1h
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PENTA Sports - Professional Gaming
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Created by - M3K
Auf Grund dessen das Valve Anti Cheat (VAC) auf einem hoch Professionellem Level arbeitet ist es nahe zu unmöglich in VAC-Unterstützten Spielen zu cheaten! Wir sehen immer wieder in CS:GO Match-Making sehr gute spieler die es nicht einmal nötig haben auf S

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