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I've had this game for some time now, but only just got around to playing it. My only reaction to finishing it is... that was cool! I don't play all too many first person 3D games, but when they are like this, I find that I can really enjoy them. Although, it really didn't last long enough; I was through it in 2 hours. Then again, there's clearly a lot that I've missed considering there are locked achievements left to collect. I'll definitely be coming back to this to find everything and see what, if anything, I missed.

Can't recommend this game enough, though.
Posted December 2, 2018.
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Having played Spiderweb's Exile games since around when they released Blades of Exile, I've been hooked on the games in these series for a very long time. I wasn't sold on the original incarnation of Avernum, but these newer updated rereleases are really good! I sunk 50+ hours in Avernum: Escape from the Pit to do everything that was needed to fully complete the game, and I can see Avernum 2: Crystal Souls taking at least that long.

I will admit that I was originally disappointed in the way they reduced the number of party members from 6 to 4 and reduced the statistics and magic system from the original Exile series (there were far more stats to sink Skill Points into, and it cost money to train them, and there were around 9 levels of spells in each discipline with up to around 10-13 spells per level!). However, once I got into the game, I realized that it actually works pretty well in this format.

As for Crystal Souls, I will say that coins can be hard to come by, even with selling every single thing that has value that you don't need. Or at least that's how it is for me where I am right now. Even with that, though, the game is very enjoyable and you get the chance to revisit many of the same places that you did in Escape from the Pit, though there are changes in basically all of them. It's a much larger game, though, and very much fun. I highly recommend it to anybody that found Escape from the Pit to be fun.
Posted March 1, 2015.
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