Max Baladi
Max Hoon Erik Baladi
It begins with Tanya having to journey away from her starting point. She meets her friend Winova during her journey and together they want to defeat "N". Nremian "N" is a very old being who has been spewing out nihilism, filth and evil for hundreds of years. He resides in his chambers in his personal nation. A monster, namely a terrible weapon is discovered and is dug up to be prepared for use. This monster survived from the days "N" took over the world. He and his team created those weapons and destroyed most of the world for conquest of world domination back then.

After Tanya gets hold of the monster "N" destroyed the world with they journey to the heart of "N's" chambers and fights him with the same weapon he used against the world in a final climactic battle. Tanya wins and destroys "N" with her monster and the crypt where "N" were collapses and crumbles to pieces. Tanya and the people of Kammalys have lost everything, but they chose to continue to live no matter what. Much remains untold after their sacrifices. But it is said Tanya became sovereign of the world, replacing "N" as a leader, and Winova got rid of her dark bomb curse so she returned to her village to spend the rest of her days there.