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<Kl0n[d1k]E> Aug 24 @ 6:45am 
Yeah, especially since quite a few devs for Shadow Tactics apparently worked on the original Desperadoes titles. :v

Time to go back for more achievements soon :DDD
♤ S p a d e Ƨ ♤ Aug 24 @ 2:05am 
Lmao, true

So dem happy this team is working on it, it'll more likely be better than the original. Seeing their contribution for the genre after Shadow Tactics, I'm fairly sure they'll put just as much love in this, if not more

Hyped alright
<Kl0n[d1k]E> Aug 24 @ 1:59am 

So this is what they were working on! Will be nice to play an OG title with controller support, can't wait! (Tried Commandos 1, was impossible to control lol)
<Kl0n[d1k]E> Aug 1 @ 5:25am 
Thank you, Rider. I'll make this right.
The Stranger Aug 1 @ 4:58am 
Don't mention it. Good luck, Rider.