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I like cute VTuber girls and I refuse to take my meds. I often post my crazy and asinine theories regarding cute VTuber girls on /vt/. Rrats galore. (Not really, but I do find it funny how people on /vt/ will accuse others of being a schizo.) My favorite chuubas in particular are Amelia Watson and Gawr Gura and I'm not sure which one I have a crush on more. Some examples of ones that I have a lesser crush on would be (in no particular order) Pikamee Amano, Uto Amatstuka, Nyanners, Rosemi Lovelock and Selen Tatsuki.

This is what /vt/ is just in case you don't know: https://boards.4channel.org/vt/
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I just want to say that I'm quite fond of micspamming. If you catch me playing on a server with you, hopefully you don't get butthurt. I mostly micspam to try to make people laugh.
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I bought this weapon camo because.... EVRY DEY IM SHUFFLEN XDDDDDDDDDDDD

Inb4 'stop listening to bad music'
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That's cool. I'm honored that I'm in your Hall of Fame but I suspect that if an official xp leaderboard is released, I may not be number 1 for the Nightclub. There might have been someone that liked playing Pool more than I did.