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This is my profile page.... Enjoy.
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Currently In-Game
Destiny 2
Before you send me a friend's request.
I only accept a friend request if you are a legitimate person, I do not accept trollish, empty, trade request, or spam accounts.

Contact Information
Telegram @servothehusky
Discord @servo0080

I am a Artist
I am a artist, and people treat me differently compare to other people do to the community I take part in.

-Don't ask for free art, I had people be friends for me for an hour and then ask for free art, I won't do it.
-I won't talk about my work, i'll accept compliments, and a very very short talk about it, but save that for my telegram.

What I do, and do not
People do a lot of strange and weird things, and people don't know how to approach me, I am a nice guy, I don't mind making a friend or two, but don't be so... what the word "clingy" or "cringy".

-I do not RP, do not ask.
-I primarily play games here, even those I am a artist and people commonly ask about my work and want to talk about that, please take it to my telegram, which is at @servothehusky .
-Please do not talk about your feitsh while game or directly to me, remember there are normies in the same game we are playing, and I keep my games and the feitsh involve around me separate.
-Treat me as a equal to you, I had people gush over me to where they did nothing but that and not play the game, I respect that you treat me as a normal individuals and not a king on it's throne... or the opposite.
-I have a discord, it's @servo0080 , it use for gamming only.
-And don't be weird, i'm a normal person compare to most people, last thing I want is cringe.

Rules on Trading
I am all about that steam trading and I like to do as much as I can to expand my arsenal of items.

-I only trade duplicated items, Items that I own more then one of.
-I only trade items of equal cost, so if the item is $0.03, the other item has to be roughly around that much too.
-Don't send me a random trade request without confronting me first, i'll deny it.
-Card trading is only acceptable with other card trading, I won't trade a gun skin for a card, or a card for a gun skin.
-I'll trade items from one game to other games, so I'll be gladly trade a gun skin from Killing Floor 2 with a gun skin from CS:GO.

Gifting Me Things
This may sound like a weird one to bring up, but I had people do this often to me, and I want to lay some ground rules about this because people don't understand how these things work apparently.

-Let me know your gifting me something, if your a close friend, or friend, I would like to give something back.
-Don't expect a gift back: I had people I do not know randomly give me a gift, and then say "so where is mine?", I do not like that and it is super scummy, do not do that, I will legit reject your gift.
-Don't randomly gift me things, unless you are My boyfriend, or someone dearly close, don't.

My computer information
I'm to lazy to give actual specs, I know I have a monster rig and can play Star Citizen without issues.

I also have a laptop that I travel with, it's a Alienware 17 laptop.

Please do not...
I personally like drama, it is entertaining, but I do not want to be part of that drama.

-Don't tell me not to talk to someone or make contact with them, I will make the judgment call, and I will decide if I want to talk to them or not, not you.
-Don't use me to talk to, or to get a hold of someone else, if they block you, there probably a good reason why, I do not want to be the connection of communication between you and the other guy, this is drama between both of you, not me.
-Don't ask me to troll, grief, harass, or attack another user, unless it a in-game Rust, I will not.
-Don't ♥♥♥♥ with me. I'll block you.
-I Will not take part in hacking on any platform, I take great pride on my steam account, last thing I want it a VACban mark on my profile, it just looks bad.
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add me please
Servo the husky Aug 21 @ 8:35pm 
the family guy is insomniac@ No not really, similar idea? yes, but there nothing against creating something that looks similar
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Great stuff!
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Nice art skills, Popped by from your workshop submissions.