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Could still wait for DLSS 3.0 which is said to work with any game that has TAA.
Sep 16 @ 3:02pm
In topic Random fps drops?
It's Cyberpunk 2077, you haven't heard? It's broken.
Sep 15 @ 6:06pm
In topic Patch 1.31
If this game isn't fully fixed when it reaches 1 year old, then its never going to be fixed.
The funny thing is, you guys aren't rich, you're whales who live from paycheck to paycheck... Or worst, use Mummy and Daddies money.

Rich is when you can spend money without relying on your next payday to refill your bank.

We have the money to buy cards, we aren't poor, we just know how to spend our money wisely and would rather save our money.
Sep 15 @ 5:03pm
In topic games ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Oh wow, who knew that huge open battlefields cater to air and ground vehicles over a simple player pottering along on his/ her feet... Someone better the Worlds Armies that's unfair. O_o
Sep 14 @ 9:05pm
In topic Patch 1.31
Originally posted by Chimp:
people fuss when devs release DLC without first fixing bugs
people fuss when devs don't release DLC and instead fix bugs

wow y'all people are whiney

my 2 cents? keep up the dedicated work CDPR!

It's been NINE BLOODY MONTHS!!!! Excuse us for feeling entitled to use something some of us spent $100 on!

Some people are far TOO easy on game Developers if you ask me.... A lot of this ♥♥♥♥ where game Developers and Publishers release broken or unfinished products wouldn't fly in other industries... But in the Gaming Industry, everyone seems to love being scammed and defends Developers as if they're their friends or something!

It would be like buying a house, they say it's finished and when you turn up the electricity and plumbing doesn't work... Then some randos come by and tell you that you are being self-entitled for complaining and should be grateful and should live in that broken and unfinished house, while waiting a year or more for the builders to finish a job that should have already been done... All the while thanking them for finishing a job you paid them for and being grateful they don't just walk off...

I swear to God, game Developers and the shills that defend them really need a bloody reality check. You play it off as "just a game" and us "overreacting" and forget that we paid a lot of money for this PRODUCT!
Sep 14 @ 8:57pm
In topic Patch 1.31
Originally posted by Urakire:
Focus on the most demanded by the community: - Improve the AI of policemen, enemies and NPCS. - Improve driving systems that are now useless. NPCS cannot overcome obstacles, they cannot drive motorcycles, they do not have any AI.
- We need the fast travel system to be optional. Let there be a public transportation system! Like trains, metro... Even stations already exist! Open them up! It's common sense and it feels unorganic that it isn't.
- Increase interaction with the city: bars, recreational stands, interactions with NPCS. This will make the game the excellent open world game it deserves to be! Because art, dubbing and OST are 10/10.

I agree, the Police is something that should be at the TOP of the list, it is the MOST game breaking part of the whole game.
Sep 13 @ 4:33pm
In topic .
Originally posted by 🎀Naginata Von Haranya🎀:

anyone else think we need a shipset that looks like this to better represent humanity?

No, that looks too primitive... That's humanity 30-40 years from now when we finally go to Mars or start space mining.... Stellaris is set hundreds of years later when we're treking across the galaxy.
Early game 3-4, then after awhile I have 6.
I don't know, seems pretty realistic to me. :winter2019joyfultearsyul: :cozybrawlhalla1:
Sep 13 @ 4:19pm
In topic Pirates OP ?
I remember when pirates were threat, or even annoying pre-2.0... Then post-2.0 I've haven't seen a pirate since... O_o Stellaris was such a great game pre-2.0, then the problems like this came and never stopped.
Sep 5 @ 4:27pm
In topic 1st 15 minutes gameplay
Originally posted by Intermeder:
Originally posted by Vonsier:
What IS this Empathy Power ??!
Alex is probably mastering his power gradually, like Max and Daniel. At first, she sees only color, then reads some thoughts and as a result can change the emotions of other people.

Wrong name for a power. Empathy isn't seeing or controlling other peoples emotions, it's understanding them, that's the true definition of empathy. But the game hasn't released yet, so I can't fully judge.
Aug 30 @ 11:41pm
In topic Next Stellaris DLC
Originally posted by Jackie Daytona:
Originally posted by Louco é pouco:
If the new stellaris DLC brings new mechanics, why not redo the ground combat system? I really wanted to do an astra militarum on stellaris. Perhaps they also add special troops for special environments, recruit tanks, squadrons of planes, an army build system similar to Hearts of iron 4, or even a cannon or missile that can defend the plant from orbital bombers.
If the new DLC is focused on species, why not create alien fish species, pure energy entities, gaseous xenos or even unbidden-like psionic creatures?
These are some cool ideas.

Personally, I'd like to play as a rag-tag group of pirates. (Drawn from all races in the galaxy.) It would revolve around new ways to play. Specifically, you wouldn't conquer planets. Instead, you'd set up operations on them.

You could even transform from pirates to rebels. As you attempt to take over one of the empires through subversive tactics, espionage, and sabotage.

I think that would be fun, but difficult to implement in a balanced way. I'd call the DLC, "Seedy Underworld". Or maybe just "underworld". Or "Crime & Punishment".

They seriously need to put this in! Where we don't act an Empire, but act pirates within an Empire or Empires and our ships have stealth tech and secret hyper-lane ways to make our way around.
Aug 29 @ 5:55pm
In topic how long is the game??
Originally posted by udUbdaWgz:
Originally posted by tHe_RoAjE:
20 hours is by no means short, even more so if you're an adult with responsibilities.

Obvious to any critical thinker is the FACT that with this completely Subjective issue, for MANY, 20 hours is a short game.

Equally obvious is the Fact that being an adult with responsibilities has Nothing to do with it.

20 hours is a lot. I only start having a problem when a game charges full price and is less than 10 hours, or worse 5 hours.
Saints Row 2 is a lot better game than the third one, but the PC version of SR2 is a bit buggered right now.
Aug 29 @ 4:10pm
In topic I played Saints Row 1
Originally posted by Mokinopomu:
One's an okay game but veers a bit too much into being a GTA clone.

I feel 2 is where Volition found their footing by making a lot of the gameplay revolve around what players like to do in open world sandboxes instead of forcing the story to rule everything (like what happened with GTA IV)

The funny thing is that GATV copied a lot of what SR2 did.
Aug 29 @ 4:09pm
In topic Is it safe to say
Originally posted by WildMan63:
I doubt the reboot will flop and they at least said the rerelease will be still be worked on if Idol had to leave. Just be patient because with the reboot announced and Idol dying there's bound to be delays to the project. (reboot won't flop because people like the look of it and the epic deal)

It'll 100% flop on PC, it's an Epic Exclusive.
Aug 29 @ 4:05pm
In topic Rest in peace, Idol Ninja.
Originally posted by HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA:
♥♥♥♥ that garbage SR trailer literally killed him. RIP

The trailer and new game are ♥♥♥♥, but to say that's what killed him..... Mate, that's overboard.
Aug 22 @ 5:57pm
In topic Price-WTF
The game is $55-AUD, that's pretty damn low.... So what's the problem?
Originally posted by SniperWolfMGS:

Im sorry. I couldn't read past "After all they put us through" without cracking up. What exactly did they put you through? And who is us? They didn't put me through anything. Its just a game. And to me, it is a very fun and entertaining game. The jackets, depending on if I want to wear them, and the car are just a nice bonus.

I'm confused? Did you get the game for free, did your mum and dad buy it for you.... $100 is not a small amount of money
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