Kentucky, United States
Retired Driver/Coach for Squad Rank 1, The Boyz Racing, and Horizon Racing Academy
Former Quest Developer for PSOBB
Former TF2 Dodgeball Map Designer
Proudly representing the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the good graces of God.

Discord: MasterFUWA#0859
Please shoot me a DM if you need help.
Currently Offline
Kindly doing the needful. All day. Every day.
About me

Personality: INTJ-T [www.16personalities.com]
Alignment: True Neutral [easydamus.com]
Favorite Music Genres: Pretty much anything that isn't Country or Mainstream.
Animelist: https://myanimelist.net/animelist/MasterFUWA?status=7
Gameslist: https://glitchwave.com/collection/MasterFUWA/game/ratings/

I want to add you!

Sure, go ahead and send me a request, I only turn down obvious spam accounts or people whom I've had a bad history with.

Will you play "X" game with me?

Sure, I don't have as much time to commit to a game due to me working a lot, so please keep that in mind before asking me. Other than that, please ask me! Keep in mind, game sessions with me can be quite a frenzy. :)

Think about giving "X" anime or show a try?

Yes please, I normally don't get into the overly mainstream stuff, but I'm good for a surprise.

I need help with my computer.

Always here to help, I always do the needful.

Other things about me

I try my best to answer all replies, but often times I'll "go into space" and completely forget what happened even 10 minutes ago. I really hope you won't get aggrivated too much over it.

Also, I may say some things that I don't necessarily mean, or it comes out in a more cold way. This is just how I speak and please know that I don't mean it...most of the time. I say things before I think them through, kinda like how I play games.

-More to come!-


My Desktop

CPU: Intel i7-12700K @ 5.1 Ghz
Mobo: Asus Prime Z690
RAM: G.Skill TridentZ (Samsung B-die) - 32 GB (3700C14)
GPU: Gigabyte RTX 3070 TI (+50/+1000)
SSD: SK Hynix P41 1 TB
SSD: SIlicon Power A55 2 TB
HDD: Seagate Exos X16 12 TB
Monitors: AOC CQ27G2 (144 Hz), Dell S2721HGF (144 Hz), Dell U2422HE (60 Hz)
Capture Card: EVGA XR1 Pro
Keyboard: Tecware Phantom TKL (Kalih Box Yellow Switches)
Mouse: Razer Viper 8Khz

My Laptop

CPU: Intel i7 7700 @ 3.6 Ghz
RAM: PNY 2400 16 GB
GPU: Nvidia Geforce 1050 Ti
SSD: Toshiba M.2 NvMe 250 GB
SSD: Crucial P3 1 TB
SSD: Crucial MX500 1 TB
Shell: Eluktronics W650KK1 Series 15.6-Inch NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti Entertainment BYO Laptop

Recent Activity

23 hrs on record
last played on Nov 28
43 hrs on record
last played on Nov 8
582 hrs on record
last played on Oct 25
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