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Unlocked Jul 7 @ 9:13am

Two Rangs Are Better Than One

You got your second rang!
Unlocked Jul 7 @ 1:11pm

No More Dog Paddle

You learnt how to swim!
Unlocked Jul 7 @ 2:49pm

That's Using Your Head!

Defeat Bull The Razorback
Unlocked Sep 2 @ 5:36am

Free Crikey!

Defeat Crikey the Tiger Shark
Unlocked Sep 5 @ 11:51am

Foil Fluffy

Defeat Fluffy and her robot, Fluffy
Unlocked Sep 2 @ 12:26pm

Brotherly Love

Defeat Sly the Tasmanian Tiger
Unlocked Sep 5 @ 12:42pm

Boss Cass Smacked

You defeated Boss Cass!
Unlocked Sep 5 @ 1:05pm

Get All The Things!

You got 100% of everything!
Unlocked Sep 5 @ 12:00pm

Complete All Time Attacks

Completed All Time Attacks
Unlocked Sep 5 @ 12:02pm

Get all the Rainbow Scales

You got all the Rainbow Scales
Unlocked Jul 7 @ 2:52pm

Zoom Zoom

You got the Zoomerang
Unlocked Jul 8 @ 4:49am

Throw throw throw throw throw

You got the Multirang
Unlocked Sep 2 @ 5:38am

See the Unseen!

You got the Infrarang
Unlocked Sep 2 @ 1:43pm


You got the Megarang
Unlocked Sep 5 @ 6:43am

Shake the Room!

You got the Kaboomerang
Unlocked Sep 5 @ 11:53am

Slow down, Kid!

You got the Chronorang
Unlocked Sep 5 @ 12:58pm

Find all the Bilbies

You found all the Bilbies!
Unlocked Sep 7 @ 6:00am

Find all the Picture Frames

You found all the Picture Frames!
Unlocked Sep 5 @ 1:04pm

You found that last opal!

You found all the opals!
Unlocked Sep 5 @ 12:28pm

From the Shadows

You defeated Shadow!
Unlocked Jul 8 @ 1:04pm

Blue Tongue Bash

You didn't miss with a single boulder!
Unlocked Jul 8 @ 1:03pm

Hot Dingo

Hit Shazza with the Flamerang
Unlocked Sep 5 @ 12:00pm

Time Attack Slowdown

Set a best time with the Chronorang equipped.
Unlocked Aug 28 @ 1:52pm

Breaker Living

Get 9 lives
Unlocked Sep 7 @ 6:05am

Game Over, Man!

Run out of lives. So sad...
Unlocked Jul 8 @ 1:00pm

Take that, Leech!

Bite a leech.
Unlocked Sep 5 @ 7:06am

Just Say No

Say no to a friend asking you to help. Bad Tassie Tiger!
Unlocked Sep 5 @ 11:53am

Boomerang King

Get all the boomerangs
Unlocked Sep 7 @ 6:03am

Not Your Proudest Moment

Die in Rainbow Cliffs
Unlocked Jul 8 @ 12:09pm

Leave a Message

Listen to Dennis' answering machine
Unlocked Sep 5 @ 12:36pm

Tesla Time

Defeat 75 enemies with the Zappyrang
Unlocked Jul 12 @ 1:47pm

Nice and Toasty

Defeat 100 enemies with the Flamerang
Unlocked Sep 5 @ 12:16pm

The Ashes

Burn 50 Cricket Bats

Bird Burn

Hit Lenny with the Flamerang 15 times


Get a thunderegg from a turkey using a super bite

What Big Teeth You Have!

Defeat 200 enemies using your Bite

Get All The Things! (HardCore)

You got 100% of everything! (HardCore)

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