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Unlocked Jul 7 @ 9:13am

Two Rangs Are Better Than One

You got your second rang!
Unlocked Jul 7 @ 1:11pm

No More Dog Paddle

You learnt how to swim!
Unlocked Jul 7 @ 2:49pm

That's Using Your Head!

Defeat Bull The Razorback
Unlocked Jul 7 @ 2:52pm

Zoom Zoom

You got the Zoomerang
Unlocked Jul 8 @ 4:49am

Throw throw throw throw throw

You got the Multirang
Unlocked Jul 8 @ 1:04pm

Blue Tongue Bash

You didn't miss with a single boulder!
Unlocked Jul 8 @ 1:03pm

Hot Dingo

Hit Shazza with the Flamerang
Unlocked Jul 8 @ 1:00pm

Take that, Leech!

Bite a leech.
Unlocked Jul 8 @ 12:09pm

Leave a Message

Listen to Dennis' answering machine
Unlocked Jul 12 @ 1:47pm

Nice and Toasty

Defeat 100 enemies with the Flamerang

Get All The Things!

You got 100% of everything!

Complete All Time Attacks

Completed All Time Attacks

Get all the Rainbow Scales

You got all the Rainbow Scales

See the Unseen!

You got the Infrarang


You got the Megarang

Shake the Room!

You got the Kaboomerang

Slow down, Kid!

You got the Chronorang

Find all the Bilbies

You found all the Bilbies!

Find all the Picture Frames

You found all the Picture Frames!

You found that last opal!

You found all the opals!

Bird Burn

Hit Lenny with the Flamerang 15 times

Time Attack Slowdown

Set a best time with the Chronorang equipped.

Game Over, Man!

Run out of lives. So sad...

Boomerang King

Get all the boomerangs


Get a thunderegg from a turkey using a super bite

What Big Teeth You Have!

Defeat 200 enemies using your Bite

Tesla Time

Defeat 75 enemies with the Zappyrang

The Ashes

Burn 50 Cricket Bats

Get All The Things! (HardCore)

You got 100% of everything! (HardCore)

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