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[h1] RP_DEATHSTAR_V1.1 [/h1]
A Map made by Martibo

DISCLAIMER: This Map is still in Development, all bugs should be reported in the comments section. This is my first map so be gentle with the criticism
368 ratings
Created by - Martibo
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Marr Dec 15 @ 8:39pm 
adding you because i would like to talk about your commisions
MorganTrademark Oct 19 @ 5:28pm 
I need the third one
[IG] S4Spooky Oct 19 @ 3:10am 
Adding because heck
[IG] Snoozy Oct 9 @ 7:46pm 
Adding because i think your the sickest lad
[IG] coldron Oct 1 @ 2:11am 
RST from IG wanna ask about some of you maps
ℓυρυѕ [TRASH] Sep 30 @ 10:41pm 
Adding for the sole purpose being that you have access to the GG server and I've been told to talk to you when needing to add jobs.