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spaghetti and meatballs


Comp exp:

(current)RGL Trad 6s AM -rep (6-2)
(past)RGL S4 Trad 6s AM DIGIFR (3-5)
(past)RGL S3 Trad 6s AM DIGIFR (4-5)
(past)RGL S2 trad 6s AM DIGIFR (2-6)
(past)RGL S1 trad 6s AM Actual Stuck Slimers (3 - 5)
(past)RGL Sixes Cup #1 AM Build a Bear Crew (3-1)(0-1)
(past)RGL S7 7s Open +weetabix (4 - 4) 3rd place
(past)UGC S27 HL Main The nine mercs (4-1)


what they call me:
-the peruvian menace
-Mr McFragger
-best tf2 player Peru
-trade master


my laptop V
Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz
8GB Samsung 2133MHz
16GB 859B 2133MHz
Intel(R) HD Graphics 620
60 hz

my fav quotes:

13:15:50 Young Sanity: mario manz
13:16:02 MarioManz: yeah?
13:16:11 Young Sanity: stfu
13:16:19 MarioManz: no

MarioManz: i hate jews

(DEAD) MarioManz: ready to see nothing?

(DEAD) crutch master: big brain time

rockste.r: mario you ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ racist
MarioManz: at least im not jewish

yopyop: marios peepee hurt

crutch master: YEAH JADON GO DEEP EYAH oh you died
MarioManz: ...crutch youre spectating me

MarioManz: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ jew have fun eating hummus
spiderjew: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ chatholic have fun being molested


MarioManz: spegetii and meatballs
Shaggy: stop or im gonna ban u from rgl
MarioManz: omegalul

Aquafina Water Bottle : hes got the juice
Jck123 : he does
Jck123 : got
DIGIFR dhart088 : juice man
Jck123 : the juice
DIGIFR MarioManz : the jews
Jck123 : concentrated jews
DIGIFR dhart088 : no pulp orange jew

MarioManz: @Jaguar how 2 no lose
Jaguar:Just shoot them dead 4Head
you have guns

* TAoW Hunter changed name to : ohh look : banned for sexual harassment
*DEAD* : i play main
*DEAD* : you saw that

Ryan W. Biscuit : save the world
*DEAD* Ryan W. Biscuit : my final message
Ryan W. Biscuit : goodbye
Antonio S. Biscuit left the game (Disconnect by user.)

Fishboy : i will il beat your ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ass

aZr : imagine dying to someone named MarioManz

Harry Enfield : who's the ♥♥♥♥♥♥ trying to kick everyone
Harry Enfield left the game (Removed from match by system)

19:54:36 : Why does Hyperion shop at the store? Is it because his pet frog is a dentist? Maybe his mom eats pizza and hamburgers.
19:55:25 Hyperion: no

19:55:54 OURNA: i cant make toilet paper igloos anymore because of this corona ♥♥♥♥

dfocks : hey you
MarioManz : you?
you : ?
dfocks : whats it like being you
you : well
you : uh
you : this

LobsterCock : DIGFIR Mario you are the worst

DEAD* DIGIFR Nano : what
(Voice) DIGIFR Crutch: MEDIC!
DIGIFR dhart088 : how
dfox : who
DIGIFR Mario : where
DIGIFR dhart088 : when
o7.luigmas : uh
dfox : why
dfox : god

dælight : hat stereotype: you suck

DIGIFR dfox : i anticipate the tourney
DIGIFR Mario : anything could happen
DIGIFR Mario : i could become a dad
DIGIFR dfox : not if you use protection
(Voice) DIGIFR Crutch: No
DIGIFR Mario : i go deep
(Voice) DIGIFR Crutch: MEDIC!
DIGIFR Mario : no need
DIGIFR dfox : haha
DIGIFR dfox : no you dont

hanimation ( R.I.P Rick May) has joined the game
Bappo : how incompetent is this team
StillFrosty : very
Clumzi : ❤Dominate me More!~❤

Melon Lord : is DIGIFR a team or smth
Aids was created by jews was automatically assigned to team BLU
DIGIFR Mario : a lifestyle
Melon Lord : ahhh
銀尾コ Silver : it's a team

*DEAD* Melon Lord : maybe I need to play more MGE

DIGIFR dfox : just supress the gag reflex
DIGIFR dfox : takes practice ;)

*SPEC* o7.whatmustido : 'what if i shot in his peepee'
*SPEC* o7.whatmustido : - tkbeast
DIGIFR Mario : nice of connie kins to invite us over for a tourney eh luigimas?
*SPEC* ♥ Danny Hollow ♥ : ....
Umbra Star : bruh
o7.luigmas : ♥♥♥♥ i forgot the lore
o7.luigmas : LINE
*SPEC* ♥ Danny Hollow ♥ : crutch hurry please
DIGIFR rockster : *SPEC* o7.whatmustido : ♥♥♥♥
DIGIFR Mario : spaghetti and meatballs
o7.Javulas : lasagna and cheese
o7.whatmustido : lasagna and cheese
o7.luigmas : lasagna and cheese
o7.Velouria : lasagna and cheese
DIGIFR rockster : *SPEC* o7.whatmustido : ♥♥♥♥
DIGIFR dfox : listen we have played like 6 hours of tf2 today give us a second or two
[SOAP] Your attacker had 125 health remaining.
Umbra Star : i like men
o7.whatmustido : same
o7.luigmas : for sure :)
DIGIFR dhart088 : thank you umbra

grog : everyone
grog : favorite pasta?
DIGIFR Mario : spaghetti and meatballs

*DEAD* Koplain Kuranch : ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Flatterman lol
*DEAD* Koplain Kuranch : Nice name
DIGIFR Mario : thx

gizzimartino : we don't need these much demos
Mr. Katashi : Demo is power!

bjork daugerson :D : unequip the wrap assassin

Epicgamerguy547 : jesus mario

mad cringe. : i beasted that mid
*DEAD* weeb_whacker ▽ : u have 0 points DUDE.

eating glue isn't just a hobby : it's a lifestyle

noah92706 : see mario banned

ign.Reconfigure changed team name to SHUT
ign.Reconfigure changed team name to THE
ign.Reconfigure changed team name to ♥♥♥♥
ign.Reconfigure changed team name to UP

*SPEC* minty : haha fatass
*SPEC* minty : get raped

o7.whatmustido : man i suck

rugbyralph288 : mario ur a cuck

o7.Javulas : 'yeah i like water polo' - tk

D's turned into C's : 'Dude I've just been spraying water out my ♥♥♥♥, 20 times a day for the past month'-Rayman5000

deep sea eldritch primate : I'm horny for girls in real life too - Rayman5000

deep sea eldritch primate : What is sugma? - Rayman5000

deep sea eldritch primate : If it wasn't for woman, i'd be gay -Rayman5000

deep sea eldritch primate : yeah but he was asian not even black so it's not that racist -Ian 'hole digger' Fitzgerald

*DEAD* ,gourde : i actually like hate you bofa
*DEAD* ,gourde : ur good

"Luigmas has a deep voice he kinda sounds like a father" - DIGIFR Crutch

-mtr : bro f4 open your pants i gotta piss in em
Donkey : how do i delete mtrs message

MarioManz : spaghetti and meatballs
*DEAD* MCdipshit : i beg
*DEAD* MCdipshit : please

mtr : playing demo is ez
mtr : you gotta be drunk or black
mtr : no inbetween


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*DEAD* Gorg 2 : mario please unplug your router
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I'm so sorry i didn't mean it
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add me
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+rep add me
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+rep, really good scout.
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Hahaaa I beat you in brawlhalla because you’re BAD