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I'm kinda shy, so don't expect me to type you something very often, usually you have to send me message first. :steamhappy:

I don't accept random friend invitations.
I will only accept friend invite if we play some game together and you're cool and friendly. :lunar2019wavingpig:

I don't trade, so don't add me for it.

I like games with interesting story, good gameplay and atmosphere and well designed characters.

I don't like speedruns. I want to enjoy the game and if I'm getting better in some game, sure I will beat it more quickly but there would have to be good reason for me to try(and probably fail:lunar2019grinningpig:) to speedrun it.

I've got 2 most favorite game series

All those sounds, characters and enemies are just great. Plus there are so many mods there you can still play. Even after those many years, it still plays great. It's just a legendary game series.

:wesker::chris:RESIDENT EVIL:jake::leon:
There are so many stories, characters and events throughout those many games that were released. I absolutely love the story progression of different characters. Even though some games in the series are "weaker" compared to other ones, I still love them and it's always interesting to see how the story and events will turns out.

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