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General review
This game was fantasic. The engine is marvelous for a game that came out in 2013. The game is an FPS with an amazing story with a few nice mechanics like Booker's "salts" that allow special powers. I pretty much enjoyed all the BioShock games but Infinite is pretty special for me. It's also really well connected to the main story with the DLCs and the whole plot is explained somehow. The main story ending was pretty weird, but it had its reasons, while the DLCs endings were really nice and made me drop a tear in 'Burial At Sea EP.2'.

Other content
The music was well chosen, especially the menu theme 'After You've Gone' (here) , but let's not forget about 'Will The Circle Be Unbroken' (here) sung by the voice actors or the cover of 'Everybody Wants To Rule The World'.
The optimization is pretty nice, I had zero lag whatsoever, although I built my computer in 2015, so the configuration is way ahead of the time of this game.

I got the whole BioShock collection for 15€, it's basically gifted.
Skrevet: 30. juni. Sidst redigeret: 30. juni.
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Available modes
• DarkRP: New version of LightRP, this is roleplay but not as serious as other games.
• Jailbreak: Prisoner and guards, good with friends
• TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town): Figure out who's the terrorist and who are the innocents with a group of people
• Cinema: Watch stuff together with your friends
• Prop Hunt: Become a prop and hide from your friends
... and many many more from the workshop.

Other content
The workshop of this game has really a ton of content, from player models from other games, maps and stuff like this.

This game is just a classic, you should get if it's around 10$.
Skrevet: 29. juli 2017. Sidst redigeret: 12. februar.
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Price and what it is
This is the best thing that you can get on Steam around 5€.
It does exactly what Dreamscene used to do on Windows 7 and Windows Vista.
It allows your pc to use live wallpapers from the workshop (which really has a lot of content) or from yourself (import GIFs and MP4s and other formats).
Obviously, you can upload your own stuff on the workshop.

Impact on the system
It doesn't really use much resources, you can lower the antialiasing and other stuff to reduce the performance usage, and you can even lower the framerate if you have a low-end PC, personally I set it to 30 FPS since most of the cutscenes are rendered at that framerate.
Some clips are at a higher resolution, but you can filter them and find the right one to reduce the usage.

Customization advice
If you wanna buy this software, I suggest you pairing it with Rainmeter (user-made widgets with lots of potential, like Spotify players and such).
Skrevet: 22. juli 2017. Sidst redigeret: 12. februar.
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It had a few optimization problems at launch that got resolved, but despite its graphics Dark Souls III still doesn't manage to be as smooth as Dark Souls II/SOTFS, but I can still run it without any FPS drops or stutter on my R9 390.

This is my favourite Souls game (including Bloodborne and Demon's Souls) even though this game lacks Dark Souls I's poise, yet I would still say that this game is as good as the first one, and even though there are a lot of references and fan-service for veteran players, but you don't need to play any of the previous ones to partially understand this.
Level design is one of the best parts, if not the best part, of this game, as you can see any part of the game by looking at the landscape, and still understand your position relative to other places.

Story and related stuff
As any Dark Souls game, it's annoying at first but it only gets better by playing, and you can usually expect to play the game for more than one run, especially with the great DLCs that came out even though Ashes Of Ariandel is kinda short, but The Ringed City makes up for it.

I played this game entirely with my keyboard and mouse (right now I'm using a controller, it's just better, there's no doubt about it) but it's not bad as many people say.
Skrevet: 14. juli 2016. Sidst redigeret: 11. februar.
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