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What can I say that hasn't been said before?
It's still as good as I remember it and I hope they release more Katamari games on PC in the future!
Publicado a 6 de Julho.
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It's nothing big, but it gives insight into how the world of Wuppo works.
The artwork is really pleasant and the wallpapers are very nice to look at! :D

It's only really worth it if you love the world and want more lore around it.
Publicado a 15 de Junho. Última alteração: 15 de Junho.
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This game is a bit like Paper Mario and Undertale.
Charming characters, cute artstyle and great music.
But it's also one of those games where the less you know coming in the better it becomes I think.
Since you're completly in for a world of suprises.
Let me tell you, the world of Wuppo is amazing and incredibly immersive.

The basic premise of the game is that you have to find a home and along the way you get to learn more about the deep lore of the world and it's inhabitants.
There is a lot of creative freedom for the player on how they solve the mysteries going forward.

I strongly recommend this game to everyone, Wuppo deserves to be one of the well know indie games people fondly look towards.
Up there with the big giants like Undertale, Stardew Valley and Shovel Knight.
Publicado a 13 de Junho. Última alteração: 13 de Junho.
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Open world checklist simulator.
I think this is one of the most limiting open world games I have played in a while.
If you're interested in this game you're either looking for a open world game or a Mad Max game. As a Mad Max game it's servicable, but as an open world experience it's painfully average

You see if you're the type of person who only care about the story then you're forced to do a substancial amount of the side content to progress.
On the other hand if you're the type of person like me who wants to finish everything then you need to finish the game before you're allowed to do most of the stuff.

So what is the ''stuff'' that needs to be done in the game? Well you got 175 challenges that force you to play in the open world in very specific ways.
There is very little freedom in what you're allowed to do to your enemies if you wish to finish your challenges.
The challenges also tie in to your level up system. The other stuff are all the generic open world tropes such as 191 loot locations and 22 camps.

You play as Mad Max himself with his own upgrades and you have a car that can also be upgraded.
I wish I could say there was a deeper level of customization but Max and the car has linear upgrade paths.
Kinda ruins the whole aspect of the car being your own personal thing when your car will look like everyone elses by the end of the game.

As for how you get upgrades. It's tied into side missions and world progression.
You need to finish almost all of the areas and clear out the threat level to get the best possible car and once the threat level is 0, most enemies stop spawning in the open world so you can test out your max level car against nothing! Oh joy.

The upgrades don't change the gameplay at all either.
Max level ground combat is just that you do slightly more damage and to be honest since all enemy cars rubber band on your car either way it never feels like you're actually getting much faster as you progress.

The music, or rather what little music there actually is. It's pretty boring and there isn't a single standout track.

For the gameplay itself, while you're in the open world your health doesn't regenerate, instead you have to keep water on you to heal now and then.
You can also find food drops that give you max health but are less common.
That all sounds cool on paper but the system is not hard at all and get's ruined instantly.
See if you're low on health and don't want to use your ''precious'' water then as you're driving around in the open world you'll see birds circling around a corpse full of maggots that you can eat for health.
The corpse and birds spawn when you're not at full health so that quickly ruins the tension of worriying about your health.

Your car uses fuel (although I have never once come close to running out) but the same rule as the health apply.
Should you run shorter on fuel random events will spawn where you can steal fuel and also enemy cars also drop fuel regularly making that aspect a non issue.

Ammo is a thing too. You have a shotgun, sniper and rocket launcher and all three have little ammo and ammo drops are scarse.
Until you do an early and easy side mission that gives you unlimited ammo drops in your safe areas.
So that tension get's ruined instantly and you can shoot as much as you want.

You also have money in this game called Scrap.
Going to a loot location gives you around 11-30 scraps and destroying enemy cars give you around 5-12 scrap.
So you get very little money from the gameplay elements.
But when you destroy a camp you get a passive income of 20+ scrap an hour per camp.
So by the end of it you'll be getting the vast mayority of your scrap from passive income.
You can also unlock an upgrade that gives you scrap while you're not playing the game.
So you get more money by not playing the game then you actually do when you're looting.

The car combat is boring and sluggish.
Enemies don't like to follow you along a road and fight you while driving.
They just ram you off the road and circle around you while ramming you.
So most fights are just driving in circles and pressing the boost button to ram the enemy like 10 times before they explode.

All in all from start to finishing it 100%.
It just felt like I was following a checklist instead of progressing through the open world and being creative.
I wouldn't recommend it unless you're willing to look past the below average open world experience and just play it for the Mad Max experience.
Publicado a 23 de Maio. Última alteração: 23 de Maio.
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TLDR: Kingsway is a unique, rather short rogue-like that is a lot of fun from the beginning to the end

  • Varied character classes.
  • Awesome music.
  • Really nice aesthetic where the entire game looks like it takes place on a windows 95 desktop.
  • Runs have a good length of not too short, but not a 5 minute ordeal either.
  • Several different endings.

  • Compared to a lot of other rogue-likes it's very content light and will run you through in about 20 something hours.
  • The start of the game drags on a bit too long.
Kingsway is probably the most fun I have had with a rogue-like in a long time. Takes a lot of the best aspects of D&D while still keeping everything fairly simple but still a bit hard to master.
I highly recommend it!
Publicado a 18 de Fevereiro. Última alteração: 18 de Fevereiro.
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It pains me to give this a negative review. I absolutely love this game and franchise but it's plagued with issues that just prevents players from playing.

In the original game I reached a point where after only a few minutes of playing the dlc it always crashed duo to memory problems and now in the remaster the game gives me resolution errors that despite my best effort to fix have been fruitless.

It's really a shame the developers have ignored or just said that they wont fix these huge game breaking problems.
Publicado a 2 de Outubro de 2018.
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Retro city rampage aims to emulate the old school feel of GTA 1 and 2 while keeping a more light hearted tone with more 8-bit references sprinkled about.

  • Alright music.
  • Get's the old school aesthetic right on.
  • Has a fairly lengthy campaign and a lot of side missions.
  • Filled with a lot of busy work and doesn't provide a lot of fun activities to do.
  • Arcade mini games are complete and utter garabage, with flashing and otherwise obnoxious color pallets and unfun gameplay.
  • Campaign missions and most side missions are unnecessarily difficult and require a lot of trial and error.
  • Boring gameplay and uninteresting weapons.
  • Combat is terribly done and feels like an absolute chore to do.
  • Relies entierly on references and has little to no original humor. So if you're knowledgable in pop culture, then you'll most likely predict every joke before they manage to say it.

This was a boring and unfun trip into the bad side of retro-like games that tries too hard to emulate the old school nature of games, without making the game engaging or actually fun to play.

I gave up after getting bored with the campaign and getting annoyed with the terribly designed mini games.

If you want a game that emulates retro gaming but provides fun gameplay to back up the aesthetic. I highly recommend playing the 16-bit era homage Freedom Planet
Publicado a 27 de Agosto de 2017. Última alteração: 28 de Agosto de 2017.
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A very cute and simplistic metroidvania for all ages.

Simple enough in it's combat and story that a child could enjoy it, but with sometimes fairly complex puzzles that no kid would be able to solve without getting angry. This creates an odd experience that any children playing with their parent would probably get the most out of to be honest.

  • Beautiful and atmospheric soundtrack and visuals.
  • Very calm and relaxing narration.
  • Doesn't explain very much. Meaning the player is free to explore and learn what the puzzles and secrets actually are and how they work on their own.
  • Fairly long if you are looking to 100% the game. I clocked in at 10 hours when I 100%'ed the game.
  • Has native steam controller support meaning that all devices are perfectly playable with the steam API, easy to choose how you want to play.
  • Way too much backtracking.
  • Everything is very simplistics and doesn't offer any real depth.
  • The boss fights are very weak.
  • Several frustrating puzzles and parts.
  • The game really don't explain what the puzzles actually are. So while it's fun to discover how to solve puzzles, having no basis on what you're even supposed to do to complete half of the optional secrets can get old very fast.

A pretty alright game, if not a little flawed.
The narration was a big highlight and really took me back to the good old days of listening to cassette tapes before going to bed.
Publicado a 15 de Agosto de 2017.
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We all though paid mods in a single player game was bad.

Well, apparently take two saw the public response of gamers when bethesda made paid mods and said ''we can one up those guys''

Which subsequently made them ban all ♥♥♥♥ing single player mods in GTA V to make players play the ♥♥♥♥♥♥ online mode where they can buy microtransactions instead.

Take two are literally two steps (excuse the pun) away from banning all mods in any future title that supports microtransactions.
Publicado a 15 de Junho de 2017. Última alteração: 15 de Junho de 2017.
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So Vanquish finally came to PC, we've all waited a long time for this.
I'm happy to say that the port is good and the game is a lot of fun

The game felt kinda weird at first for me as I was expecting something similar to Binary Domain.
But I was surprised to find out that the game felt more like a 3d Metal Slug game.

  • Fast action-packed gameplay.
  • Very good music.
  • Fairly large variety of enemies.
  • Score attack is entierly optional.
  • Cool weapon, armor and enemy designs.

  • The game doesn't explain weapons very well, it's just kinda up to the player to find the one that suits them.
  • Several areas in the game are nearly identical and becomes just a tad bit repetitive.
  • The story isn't very good.
  • Non of the characters are that interesting and just serve as info dumps and as a mean to move forward.
  • The difficulty is very inconsistent.
  • Some features feel a little pointless like the cigarette throwing and non-boost melee.
  • You can only perform backflips on command with the LMG weapon which goes against the arcade feeling of choice and presonal preference.

The game is very short and can be completed in 5 hours, even less if you're very good at it.
So if you came looking for a third person cover shooter then you're gonna have to search somewhere else.
Because it certainly is very much designed to be replayed to the point where you can complete it with a high score and no deaths.

As someone who love Metal Slug 3 and have a soft spot for these kinds of games I can heartly recommend this game to everyone looking for that old school arcade feeling in the package of a triple A shooter.

We need more ports of great old classics SEGA!
Publicado a 26 de Maio de 2017. Última alteração: 26 de Maio de 2017.
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