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the sound of 12 accurately depicted pieces of shit

I am autistic.

21:51 - Rokki: should i throw ham on my cat
21:51 - ManeGunner6: ys
21:51 - ManeGunner6: yes
21:54 - Rokki: it has been done
21:54 - ManeGunner6: gg

If your name is [unassigned], you have a private profile and/or you are Level 0, then you will be treated like a phisher and subsequently blocked.

If I've given you something for a birthday or christmas or if I felt like it, don't be afraid to delete it, sell it or stick it up yer butt. A gift's a gift and once you have it, you're welcome to do whatever the hell you want with it.

If you're asking about the negative trust rating on my profile, that's from someone who can't read very well.

22:26 - ホホホ|Angus3: I also read that the final boss in Rebirth is a goat
22:29 - ManeGunner6: That's satan :/


Unusual unboxes
1. Oblooterated Unusualifier [Unboxed: 1st of November, 2016] [Effect: Infernal Smoke]
2. Results Are In Unusualifier [Unboxed: 9th of November, 2016]
3. Zoomin' Broom Unusualifier [Unboxed: 3rd of February, 2017]
4. Fresh Brewed Victory Unusualifier [Unboxed: 10th of March, 2017] [Effect: Fountain of Delight]
5. Deep Fried Desire Unusualifier [Unboxed: 15th of May, 2017]
6. Galactic Codex Head Full of Hot Air [Unboxed: 9/11, 2017]
7. I See You Unusualifier [Unboxed: 22nd of October, 2017] [Effect: Fountain of Delight]
8. Director's Vision Unusualifier [Unboxed: 27th of October, 2017]
9. Ancient Codex Universal Translator [Unboxed: 30th of October, 2017]
10. It's a puzzle to me Hellmet [Unboxed: 12th of November, 2017]
11. Deep Fried Desire Unusualifier [Unboxed: 22nd of November, 2017]
12. Oblooterated Unusualifier [Unboxed: 23rd of December, 2017] [Effect: Silver Cyclone]
13. Carlton Unusualifier [Unboxed: 9th of January, 2018] [Effect: Screaming Tiger]
14. Miami Nights Antarctic Eyewear [Unboxed: 2nd of April, 2018]
15. Stormy Storm Universal Translator [Unboxed: 4th of June, 2018]
16. Yeti Smash Unusualifier [Unboxed: 23rd of August, 2018] [Effect: Fountain of Delight]
17. Scotsman's Stagger Unusualifier [Unboxed: 6th of October, 2018] [Effect: Flammable Bubbles of Attraction]
18. Meet The Medic Unusualifier [Unboxed: 22nd of October, 2018] [Effect: Roaring Rockets]
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hey guess who added me
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Oh, fair play then lmao
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I legit had 200ms, what else could I have done?
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Dammit sonny I was trying to kill the vulture and you threw a hot dog at me, GGs