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DbD Community Co-Ordinator (Senior)

Please comment before adding me, as I do not accept random friend requests from people I don't know.

Social Media bans including Forum Bans cannot be appealed.

If you wish to discuss Game Bans, this is not the place to do it - please contact support: for what is/isn't bannable.
Onyx Jan 12 @ 9:08am 
Oh right, I forgot, Alyssa likes to make hundreds of other accounts to ban dodge because they really are an insufferable loser
Onyx Jan 12 @ 9:08am 
Lol @ Alyssa for getting banned for a legitimate reason, not only on the forums but the game as well. Bravo. 🤣 what's it like knowing that you're forever going to be a jobless bum for the rest of your life?
Detective Kirito Jan 11 @ 9:58pm 
Hey Mandy, mind not locking posts which doesn't suit your company's taste? Its called a discussion forum and people are obviously discussing. Majority thinks removing the masks (which is there for a long time) is not needed. Create a poll here on steam, I dare you.

I'm a moderator too, but I don't abuse my power and stopping a healthy discussion which my affiliation would benefit in aswell.

Hey, I know harrassment and racism is a serious issue but you really should listen to the community that its absurd to remove the masks. Black or white. All deserves to be sacrificed to the entity. A few bad apples isn't a reason for the whole tree be cut down.
Lej1 #freeBubba Jan 8 @ 11:17pm 
Little Girl stop simping for ugly nolife psycho you dumbass =D
Little Girl Jan 7 @ 8:35pm 
Hi mandy i love your new profile pic and i think you're doing a great job on the forum. Ignore the haters and keep doing you, happy 2022.
Someone Jan 7 @ 8:27pm 
Nice new av, Mandy.