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Please comment before adding me, as I do not accept random friend requests from people I don't know.

If you wish to discuss Game Bans, this is not the place to do it - please contact support: for what is/isn't bannable.
Mandy 20 hours ago 
I suggest making a post about it on the Official Forum, there's a specific Feedback/Suggestions section. That's where a lot of feedback is taken from.
Old Man David 21 hours ago 
Well, I'm glad that it's not, but would you still be open to bringing up with the team that people are liking being able to unlock the linked customization parts and people would love it more if they could mix and match, like with, say, Nea's hooded outfit?
Mandy 22 hours ago 
It's not bannable
Old Man David 23 hours ago 
Since you locked the "Do NOT Mix Cosmetic Sets" Discussion, I figured I'd just ask you directly.

Yes, the cosmetic switching is a bug, but does it have to be? I know you have connections to the team, why not just ask them to embrace it instead of banning people for wanting to wear a bunny suit with a Legion mask? The locked cosmetics really stifle creativity and actually removes any individuality you intend to let players have over their characters, you know? I hope you can at least pass the suggestion on as I know a lot of people would really appreciate the lifting of the curse that is linked sets and legendary cosmetics.
OK BOOMER Jan 18 @ 3:24am 
My ban was justified imo. I let it get to my head, which shouldn't have happened. When I return to the forums I will be a reformed man.
Mandy Jan 13 @ 2:59am 
If you have a Nvidia GPU, you can use Shadowplay (added advantage that it doesn't use resources and at a click of a button records the previous 20 mins, so you don't need it running all the time), failing that OBS is pretty good but more resource hungry.