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I do not work for Steam or Valve. u/CSGOManatee
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If you are uneasy about whether or not it is me, please check multiple accounts and verify all information. If someone with my name is asking to trade for high tier items, it probably is not me. I am not looking for expensive trades.

I do not work for Steam/Valve.

Discord: Manatee#0001 DevID: 120470040947589120

My account is 10 years old, and level 100. Please verify you are not dealing with an impersonator.

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Owner, Community Manager, Site Administrator:
Moderator: SteamRep
Trusted in LOOT.RE,, RLG, eSports Trading, Trade League, Glacial Trades, Rocketprices, and more.

Manager: Trade Planet
Senior Support/Head Moderator: RLTC
Moderator: Trade Planet, VIBE Trading, /r/RocketLeagueExchange, RLTC, Droplet Development
Middleman:Trade Planet, VIBE Trading, eSports Trading, RocketPrices
Tournament Admin: Nexus, PRL (RIVAL eSports)
Server Support: RLG, Droplet Development

A number of these organizations have changed hands and rebranded.*
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Legend says this blade is derived from the tooth of a dragon. Or perhaps, it is simply a myth.
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A simple guide to uploading images (or gifs) on Steam with any height for Artwork or Screenshot showcases.
[quote][h1]This is a quick reference, read the guide first to understand how to use these codes.[/h1]
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