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Win a Dropzone match.

Top Junker

Kill 100 enemy Rigs.

The Professional

Participate in 1000 matches.

Easy Pickings

Destroy each Hive on the map at least once in a 3v3 or 3vAI match.


Earn a total of 50,000 Jovians.

Home Sweet Horror

Destroy an enemy Rig while it's healing in its dropship.

Don't Move

Root an enemy Rig, and then destroy it while it's rooted.

Double Humiliation

Team Wipe the entire enemy team in a 1v1 match.

Death from Above

Destroy an enemy Rig with the Tank ability "Landfall".


Cancel an enemy Rig's channeled ability.

All Cores Belong to Us

Upload 36 cores in a single match.

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