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Pepper Grinder

Grind for a total of 120 seconds

On the grind

Grind for a total of 500 seconds

Grinding your teeth

Grind for a total of 2,000 seconds


Achieve 50 Perfect Landings


Achieve 200 Perfect Landings


Achieve 1,000 Perfect Landings

Up in the air

Spend a total of 300 seconds in the air

Air Miles

Spend a total of 1,000 seconds in the air

Frequent Flyer

Spend a total of 5,000 seconds in the air


Flip a total of 36,000°

Flip Flop

Flip a total of 180,000°

Flipping the Bird

Flip a total of 360,000°

On a Roll

Roll a total of 36,000°

Keep Rollin

Roll a total of 180,000°

You've gotta roll with it

Roll a total of 360,000°

Spinning top

Spin a total of 18,000°

Spin to win

Spin a total of 36,000°

Future Spin

Spin a total of 540,000°

Speed demon

Achieve a speed of 30m/s

I've got the need...

Achieve a speed of 40m/s

...The need, for speed!

Achieve a speed of 50m/s


Travel a total distance of 50km


Travel a total distance of 500km


Travel a total distance of 5,000km

Back to front

Ride switch a total distance of 25km


Ride switch a total distance of 250km

It feels like we're only going backwards

Ride switch a total distance of 1,000km

That counts

Accumulate 10,000 points

I get the point

Accumulate 30,000 points

Count Dracula

Accumulate 100,000 points

Level playing field

Reach level 10

Do you need a level?

Reach level 30

Let me level with you

Reach level 60