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I found Buried to be a brief but enjoyable experience. The story reads from the perspective of a timber logger who has come to after an unexplained accident, then attempts to discover what happened and subsequently get to safety. The writing is very good and flows well; I was concerned for the characters and found them fairly fleshed-out despite the shortness of the game. The story has a strong supernatural element to it which allowed for an anything-could-happen feeling that kept it from being too predicatable, and it features realistic dialogue/action choices as well (hence the 'interactive' title.) I played without sound, so I can't comment on the quality of that.

The pros: The well-written narrative and story arc kept me interested to the end, plus the text appears at a quicker speed than in many novel-type games which appeals to me as a fast reader. The background images are nothing special, but perfectly adequate, and always fit the current situation. The price is very fair for the quality of the experience and the playtime.

The cons: While the game does feature ending variants dependant on your choices, they aren't different enough in my opinion to offer replay value. Because of how much I enjoyed the story, I would've liked to have needed more than two hours to complete, and while it all falls together well, I did wish there was more.

Overall, I'd recommend the game to those who already enjoy an interactive visual novel experience, and to others who appreciate an intriguing supernatural tale. I would happily blind-purchase another story from this developer.

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