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As a fan of visual novels, I really enjoyed The 39 Steps, as that's basically what this game is. There's not much to do but read along, occasionally clicking a few things for some extra information, and as such the game may not appeal to traditional adventure-game lovers. However, the casual interactivity is more than made up for with the excellent story; I wasn't aware of John Buchan's novel previously, as I'm normally not one for espionage tales, but I was thoroughly engaged by this on-the-run spy thriller. The game follows the story of restless gentleman Richard Hannay, who forges a new friendship which rapidly plunges him into a world of deception, cover-ups and murder. The artwork throughout the game is attractive, with decent music and ambience, and great voice acting (including a cameo from Greg Hemphill of TVs Chewin' The Fat fame.) While the theme of the story is dark in nature, there are some amusingly light-hearted quips well-delivered by the cast, and in the form of a few shadow-puppet style scenes.

- Consistently good art style and sound
- Excellent pacing, it neither drags nor feels rushed at any point
- Has the old-timey feel of a classic book, without feeling dated
- Decent playtime (over 5 hours for me)

- It's a few pounds more expensive than I would expect for this sort of game

The achievements are almost entirely unmissable, presenting a lack of challenge in that department, but it does make for a relaxed, enjoyable experience where you can really focus on the story-telling. I would personally consider around £3 cheaper to be a fairer price, but I have no faults with the gameplay itself, and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a strong story-driven experience.

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