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Looking for Co-Op partners
I'm looking for someone to play some games that are not what people usually play together here.

Some preferred genres/tags include:
:approved: Puzzle
:approved: Platformer
:approved: Action/Adventure
:approved: Card and board games
:approved: RPGs
:approved: Hack and slash, beat 'em up
:approved: Shmups
:approved: Party games
:approved: Wacky/weird games
:approved: Cute/cartoonish games
:approved: Indie games that provide unique experiences and are hard to categorize
:approved: Story-heavy games

:stars: I think a game has to be fun above all else, and I usually play to relax (that does NOT mean the game has to be easy, but "crazy hard" usually gets boring fast here).

I'm a bit picky, so I'll list a lot of don'ts:
:denied: FPS
:denied: RTS
:denied: TD
:denied: Horror (cartoonish horror doesn't count)
:denied: Survival
:denied: Massive multiplayer
:denied: MOBA
:denied: Games that involve fierce competition, daily/weekly tasks, that requires a lot of dedication
:denied: Games that try too hard to be FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!!11!

Feel free to add me, and hopefully we can play together.

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Oi amigo :cuphead:
Kraky Jun 27 @ 6:56am 
Added bcs you play tap ninja
MakoSipper Jun 16 @ 9:30am 
@anon <3
anon Jun 16 @ 7:30am 
Fongi Mar 26 @ 6:11pm 
do you want to trade renoir cards?
Foozo Aug 7, 2021 @ 12:08pm 
i dont even know how i stumbled across your account, but dang thats a lot of 100% games, i went through a bunch of the harder ones and it dosent look like SAM was used, Huge props, Nice work dude! :cuphead::cupup: