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NO, I haven't played any other game from the same series.
YES, I am Greek so I guess this played its part too.
No, I haven't finished it but I have played enough to see its gameplay.
AND YES, this game is really good.

For the experienced players, there is not much to add. Familiar mechanics, a bit improved as usual over last game, in a new setting. For the new ones like me, I was really pleasantly surprised. I am not a big fan of the yearly series but this game is solid fun. Great graphics although a bit heavy for my PC (Intel 2500k, GPU AMD 480, 8GB, average 30-50 FPS all maxed) with many options to lower the aspects you want to sacrifice for more FPS, great sound and music, especially the random voices which are in ancient Greek. Too bad these can be enjoyed only by Greeks and philhellenes because they improve the immersion greatly.

But best of all ingredients is the atmosphere. If you liked the movie "300" you will love this too. The game even begins with you as Leonidas in the tutorial. I was impressed by all the historical information you get as well and I don't mean just the text. Everyday life, clothes, names, myths, it's like all school history books from that era came to life. Great work indeed.

The game really feels and plays like you are in the middle of Ancient Greece, Hellas to be precise, during its glorious but troubling past. If you like our ancient culture, buying and playing it is a great gift to yourselves. If not, well you can still get it in a couple of years, as I read that there will be no Creed game next year, during a sale as it's a great game nevertheless.

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Beautiful Chicken Mar 31 @ 3:44am 
The Amused Undead Mar 30 @ 2:06pm 
yo, bro. it's a bit late to tell you but i only took you off my list because of the amount of videogames you have, remember i said it kinda makes steam crash. anyways, you have a good life, (i deleted 4 people, which is why it took me a while to say this... i rather avoid social contact XD ), anyways arrivederci
Beautiful Chicken Mar 26 @ 2:36pm 
💗               💛       💜

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 💜     💚         𝐇𝐀𝐕𝐄 𝐀 𝐁𝐄𝐀𝐔𝐓𝐈𝐅𝐔𝐋 𝐃𝐀𝐘

        💗           💚         💛      💙

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Seen Mar 9 @ 12:56am 
Today I do some croud finding to buy rdr2 ,so I reach out many of my steam friend some are refused (which is understandable) some are unable to help because either they ar out of funds or thery from Russia, turkey so...that ok

But I don't know who one person sent some of my friend some shot of warning message and claming that I sent some suspicious link (which I don't).

So if u resived this type of message please let me know

I don't like that the person involving others to misleading them and distribute them

If u face any of those message I am sorry for that.

i found the user who did it but when i ask him for a proof he block me
Seen Feb 25 @ 9:56pm 
Always remember, you're not just playing for yourself ,but also for the joy and entertainment for others. keep on gamming with pride!
番茄 Feb 3 @ 10:24pm