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Yes I'm shaking. No i don't know why. No it's not parkinsons!

EA sårede mine følelser da de fjernede multiplayer fra Sims på grund af pædofili -Toby

It's not gay if you're doing it for money



Achievements in life: Punched by a black guy in a bus

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Currently playing for ?????

Current line-up:

♂ Jacob -MeyZ- Møller //21 yrs\\

♂ ??? -???- ??? //?? yrs\\

♂ ??? -???- ??? //?? yrs\\

♂ ??? -???- ??? //?? yrs\\

♂ ??? -???- ??? //?? yrs\\

♀ ??? -???- ??? //?? yrs\\ (Coach)

Online tournaments:

ESL Open summer. Placed #64-128 (Sørby White)

ESEA Open. Placed #150 (Sørby Potential 3)


And a lot of Dust2 and Esportdk (Danish hosters)

Offline tournaments:
KF-Lan 2016. Placed #6 (SlaxZ, Fantom, Lemmy, C0R3 and MeyZ (me) (Sørby White))
NPF (Hygge) 2016. Placed #16-14 (Fantom, C0R3, Battleripper, Hani and MeyZ (me) (Sørby White))
SDE Vejle 2016. Placed #6-5 (C0R3, Lukas, PwN, Polar and MeyZ (me) (Sørby Blue/Mix))
NPH (B) 2017. Placed #8-5 (Fiskeren, Flexie, C0R3, Lukas and MeyZ (me) (Sørby Blue))
Næstved CS:GO LAN 2017. Placed #1 (Fantom, Flexie, Shalidars, TuLi and MeyZ (me) (Sørby.Yellow))
NPF (Hygge) 2017. Placed #32-17 (Maverick, Shalidars, duuN, NJ and MeyZ (me) (Sørby.Yellow/Mix))
Trojka-LAN 2018. Placed #8-5 (Milo, Bangsen, Griller, Thiezen and MeyZ (me) (Sørby Potential 3))
NPF (Semi-pro) 2018. Placed #18-15 (Milo, Bangsen, C0R3, Thiezen and MeyZ (me) (Sørby Potential 3))
NPH 2019. Placed #8-7 (Milo, Bangsen, C0R3, Griller and MeyZ (me) (Sørby Potential 2))
Copenhagen Games 2019 (C tournament). Placed #23-18 (Milo, C0R3, Griller, oJ and MeyZ (me) (Sørby Potential 2))
TLP #11 (B tournament) 2019. Placed #2 (5000 DKK) (Blackiichan, Tacco, C0R3, Flexie and MeyZ (me) (Mix))


👉 Keybord: Razer Ornata

👉 Mouse: Zowie EC1-A

👉 Mousepad: XTP1, LGB teampad

👉 Headset: HyperX Cloud II

👉 Monitor: Asus 24" LED VG248QE

About me

ツ 21 yrs old

ツ Rank: Global Elite

ツ FaceIT: Level 10

ツ ESEA: B+

ツ Live in Denmark

ツ Fav games is CS:GO

ツ Fav teams are NIP and FaZe

ツ Fav players Dev1ce, REZ, Dupreeh, Tarik, jks and NaToSaphiX

ツ Fav football teams are FC Barcelona and Liverpool FC

ツ Fav football players are Messi and Mohammed Salah

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