Spandex Hanger
Imagine being attacked by an idiot with guns

Photo's taken from the victim's phone beside its body.
Who is that ?, its the Spandex Hanger !.
Spandex Hanger is a hired gunman in some kind of fashion less spandex suit. "Why ?" do you ask? because why not !. He would throw his knifes at his enemy restlessly !, making them ask "how much knife did he got in his tiny pocket". Spandex Hanger also has a special technique of battle by whacking his enemies with HAM ! that's right a real fresh cooked ham up to your face. But wait, there's more !, Spandex Hanger also uses a sawed-off double barrel shotgun to ambush and eliminate his enemies !.
Well if that ain't a "fashion crime" it's a fashion and crime

Whole Spandex Hanger equipment and "tools" is showed in the picture below
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THE IB BOY :))) Apr 4 @ 8:13am 
+rep really good tf2 player and nice profile!
Link Mar 13 @ 6:13pm 
this man happens to have an above average IQ