Festive Madness Dude
New York, United States
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I don't accepting random requests. I going ignore it say something or type a chat
before you add me

join this group i make host events

Discord Madness Dude#5686
battletag MadnessDude #1885

Name: Madness Dude
Mains: Medic
Favorite games: Tf2, Payday 2, and borderlands 2
Food: Burrito, pizza, and mac & chesse
Hates: Shotgun players, fortnite, trickstabs and ambassador spys

Here a origins story about Madness Dude
Somewhere on 2fort he was a new and he pick medic but no one play medic
and i see some fucking tryhards but this dude get killed and killed by tryhard and he geting dominated by assholes now he damn mad and he kill some tryhards with a
C R I TS!.
And he become a battle medic.

And 5-6 years later. Madness Dude, a crazy Medic main that has a bunch of expressions, showing his Madness, he is also a Waifu god and knows everything about Waifus. He seems crazy and Mad but he can be really sleepy.
When he's awake, he's crazy and he's ready to heal the team
This Mad Lad will be a huge help, a great medic, he'll even make you laugh.
He also has a weird side.... A really weird one...

now this is the story about Madness Dude the battle medic and he (Nuts)
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