Muhammad Asad Ali   Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
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For you amazing people ♥
Have you ever looked at a picture/screenshot and miss that person? about what happened to him? just missing playing with him, his name shall not be spoken but yes, I miss that guy , well , if you are that guy , thanks for being a part of my journey and making my day more enjoyable , I will forever cherish the memories all the people here gave me , I just wish we could be together for long but things need to move on don't they :) . It kinda hurts when we part ways but hey! Every goodbye starts with a hello , a new start and a new journey , so yep ON WITH LIFE!

People I love:

->⭐Gustavasve (The most important person in my life to date)
->⭐Kewun (We've been drunk together for 6 years)
->⭐Ali A.K.A DragonRage (Used to be loving and caring but still a good friend for 6 years)
->⭐Grayson Freeman (best e-girl)
->⭐Olindor (one of the best irl and online friend)
->Arsenic (left me smh)
->Franklin (Disappeared)
->Neocertex (had a fight against his clan in 2015)
->Helmet (Sven Co-op) | Made sven fun for me
->Daybreaker (Sven Co-op) | Ahhh our friendship fell out after my terrible mistake , nothing but pain
->Effor (Sven Co-op) | He used to like justin beiber
->Journey Man (Sven Co-op) | Idk where he at , doesn't reply
->Egn | Mozzie (Jailbreak) | Idk where this guy went but damn we had some good times
->Dr.Cloud (Jailbreak) | spamming lenny face , rebelling and what not for 4 years
->Toxic (Jailbreak) | Pro guy
->Geeza(Jailbreak) | Fun jailbreak times
->Sleazy E (The jailbreak legend) | Recently Disappeared , we kinda have the same voice
->Epicarious (CSGO) | Friendship ended because of a mistake I did , now he doesn't remember me
->Wendigo (CSGO) | Stopped playing games , his brother's on his acc now but oh well he forgot me

Recent Activity

564 hrs on record
last played on Oct 27
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last played on Oct 25
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last played on Oct 25
roomi the loli invader Oct 20 @ 8:47am 
jihadi brother +rep
<<<¥€-@1$3?!’>>> Oct 16 @ 5:46pm 
♥♥♥♥ you
wakajawak Oct 11 @ 12:20am 
so fun to play with
wakajawak Oct 11 @ 12:20am 
bro love ur profile
Olindor Oct 8 @ 11:08am 
R u komedi mi??
Olindor Oct 3 @ 12:53am 
Kewun Kurwa bich , u wana fite me i ♥♥♥ u up