Madeline   Chicago, Illinois, United States
Welcome to my profile. This infobox will have actual information about me, while the larger box consists of quotes I like from a bunch'a people.

Please comment on my profile if you'd like to add me and we have no previous connections or shared friends, thanks.

My usual Steam name is Mo918, but I tend to commonly make it a reference to something. I sometimes use the nicknames Estradiol Junkie, Maddyline, or Government Assigned gf, among others.

My profile picture was made by Anyway, enjoy your time here, exit's out back.Iunno here's a section about me I'm a trans girl busy growing tiddies idkIf I comment on things and appear to be offline, I'm not, I'm using steam on a browser, which doesn't log me in, I haven't blocked you, don't fret about it.[url]:8bitheart:
Quotes and stuff
I have seen war. I have seen war on land and sea. I have seen blood running from the wounded. I have seen men coughing out their gassed lungs. I have seen the dead in the mud. I have seen cities destroyed. I have seen two hundred limping exhausted men come out of line-the survivors of a regiment of one thousand that went forward forty-eight hours before. I have seen children starving. I have seen the agony of mothers and wives. I hate war . - Franklin Delano Roosevelt

"I just swallowed a cough drop." - Tony

With the revelation on that the general public had trustingly allowed into their homes a shameless portrayal of consentual lovemaking insidiously trojan horsed within their wholesome policeman murdering simulator, the moral guardians threw one of their characteristic shitfits. Ben Croshaw on the Hot Coffee controversy.

These people keep showing up to a gunfight with a calculator - Amber A'Lee Frost

Mo u got a fat pussy bitch and that's it - Sova

Why the fuck would that be a dick joke? - Tony

I was like the number one emo - Tom

I'm always disappointed in all of my friends. - Tony

If you wanna make some subs on Twitch just shit your pants - Ster

Okay, i dont think i'm playing tf2 ever again - Tom

🎵 And then he sent
a picture of his
peeee niiiis 🎵
- Jordan


"I don't wanna cut you off but I just took a hit from an invisible bong" - Tom

Are you kidding I'm amazing at oral - Ramen

Taco Bell is prob'ly why I'm ace tbh - Feria


Jackin it is gender neutral - Tom

Wait, so Galway didn’t have to submit?
Guess that makes her a dom - Qroma

That's an interesting smell...Ass and cranberries - Tony

you are a ray of sunshine in my day. - :8bitheart:

Ragula wants your girlcock - Feria

D’aww U lil hetero. - Rylee

Forget about democratic or republican, think about taking old folks' social security away. - My Political Science professor

Perhaps filling everyone with cum is the solution to world peace - Cris

"We did it guys, we killed ourselves" - Tony

Oh my God Bill Cosby is Liquid Ocelot - My brother

Wheel: /friendy

If mo is a milf I'm a dilf - Tom

She may be a furry, but she's not a weeb - Aaren on me

.bootleg: a regular perineum ends at the coccyx
.bootleg: mike probably has no coccyx so his entire body is a taint

I can't believe I'm like supporting Hitler right now - My AP Euro teacher

Give Mo a super crown nothing happens - Tom

One of my friends liked to verbally abuse people so he became an English Major. - My Bio teacher

(amidst laughter) Kermit the frog, by definition, as a frog, has a cloaca - Chris Atkinson

You can tell the slushie apart from the cum - Jeremy Scott

"I will never get tired of seeing people kill Nazis" - Barrett Share

"...And this is when I was accidentally diagnosed with tuberculosis." - Ramblings from my High School Biology Teacher.

"I'd make some cake to celebrate July the 13th, but Romans prefer wine." -Waltz

9:33 PM - Dr LeFaucheur, ichthyophobic: Life is Strange™
9:34 PM - BrookesSalt™: Life™is™Strange™
9:36 PM - Dr LeFaucheur, ichthyophobic: L™i™f™e™ ™ i™s™ ™ S™t™r™a™n™g™e™
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