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Unlocked Aug 27 @ 7:34pm

The Clocks were Striking Thirteen

Complete Episode One.
Unlocked Aug 30 @ 3:31pm

A Place where there is No Darkness

Complete Episode Two.
Unlocked Aug 31 @ 8:42am


Complete Episode Three.
Unlocked Aug 31 @ 12:13pm

Memory Hole

Complete Episode Four.
Unlocked Aug 31 @ 12:42pm

Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree

Complete Episode Five.
Unlocked Aug 27 @ 7:25pm

Torture myself with whimsies

Show the rebellious side.
Unlocked Aug 27 @ 7:22pm

I love wine

See no crime in buying a bottle.
Unlocked Aug 30 @ 3:29pm

One can deny me

Avert catastrophe.
Unlocked Aug 31 @ 8:41am

With powder and lead

Repay the debt.
Unlocked Aug 31 @ 10:50am

As it is suitable

Make an unlawful arrest.
Unlocked Aug 31 @ 12:40pm

Thrown into the darkest dungeon

Choose the simple answer.
Unlocked Aug 31 @ 12:42pm

2 + 2 = 5

Make Thought crimes.

Renounce my sorrows

Show the peaceful side.

Tear gates and walls apart

Allow catastrophe.

I think what I want

Don't read minds.

What delights me

Know all favorites.

No hunter can shoot them

Administer justice.

Like nocturnal shadows

Forgive a crime.

My wish and desire

Keep quiet about the intention.

Still always reticent

Don't bother the law.

In one's heart

Pick up what was left behind.

Always laugh and joke

Win the war.

Not alone with my glass

Reunite a couple.

All these are futile works

Uncover the truth.

Who can guess them?

Find out who is there.


End a career.

Thoughts are free

Set Thought free.