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Negatif 2 бер 2018 о 18:00 
Hello, had a seller who was ready to complete a deal if you were free to MM? He has to leave shortly so I figured I should leave a message on your wall. Thanks :)
Negatif 26 лют 2018 о 23:04 
Hello, just leaving a message here as I have 2 deals ready to go and was wondering if you're available to MM? Thanks!
Bravo 26 гру 2015 о 12:07 
Happy Holidays :pinkheart: :summerufo: :summersun:
SilverFoX [GER] 22 лип 2015 о 3:10 
Hey Matt - hope all is fine - haven´t seen you online for some time :csgohelmet::meatytears::medicon:
fan boy Торгівлю заблоковано 8 гру 2014 о 21:14 
fan boy Торгівлю заблоковано 10 лис 2014 о 14:18 
need as middleman :)