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Isabelles feet.
Every morning when I wake up, I start my daily routine by going inside my closet and worship the hundreds of posters of Isabelle’s feet pastered all across the wall. I then light a candle of Orchard Breeze and fantasize of licking every square inch her soft, yellow paws. I imagine her squriming in pleasure as I take my time licking every single crevasse spotless inbetween her delicate, delicate toes. Some might call this a “fetish”, but I regard it as “A higher level of appreciation for a more niche subject matter.” I have also commissioned hundreds of artist to share their creative renditions of Isabelle’s gorgeous feet, and I have ejaculated to every piece at least twice. This, however, has lead me to thousands of dollars in unpaid rent, but I think I know my landlord pretty well, and he’ll let me off the hook if I send him some of my favorite pictures.


I piss a lot. A whole lot. Whenever i pee it overflows the toilet and gets all over the bathroom floor. When i pee in the shower the drain can't even keep up because the sheer amount of piss and my shower overflows. Diapers don't help. They soak so much they just fall down. No matter how much i pee, no matter the gallon count, i am never satisfied. Please help. I'm begging you, please. I can't stop pissing i can't stop i can't stop please


Go ahead, call the cops, they can't unpiss your bed. I had so much fun obliterating your bed with pee. It was like a pee tsunami, and was so great I also came a little.

And while you're weeping over your urine soaked fabric, I am already getting ready to pee in someone else's bed.

What are you gonna do? Tell your mommy? Do you really think that she'll believe someone else pissed in your bed. Good luck then. Do you think you can find me? Think again champ. Thanks to my black fedora, black minecraft shirt and black My Little Pony pants I walk in the shadows. Think you can catch me? Don't think so. Thanks to my roller skate shoes I am faster than wind.

But don't be sad that I'm leaving, hold on to that wet, yellow bedsheet, smell my glorious essence, and I have to say I had a good time. Relieving my tummy of all that pee.

So long, bussy cucker.
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Released a 2D Editor, made a quarter billion dollars.

10/10 would recommend.
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+rep best pet in drpg ever
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