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MAAY:"We Will Win 16:0 At Finals"(2015)
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ɪ ɴ ғ ᴏ⠀┤⠀I'm Known as Maay, Real name "Willy Novalynn" . I Am Multi Millionaire. I own Multiple Companies, My Hometown Is South Korea, Seoul. I have been playing games since age 6 years old, I am 19 years old right now. My passion is traveling and FPS which I have been playing over 15+ years.
 Achieved & Memorable Moments ┤I have been CSGO Faceit FPL rank no.1 Player In the world, 4 times. Valorant no.1 Radiant for 1.5 Years in a row. Won 49 CSGO Lan Tournaments. I have Won ESL 5v5 Champion in Black Squad. Winrate in FPL Faceit 94%. Winrate in Valorant 96%. In my FPS Career I have full of Memorable Moments, I will mention some here. Meeting and beating S1mple in Faceit FPL 6 out of 6 times with Me top Fragging Each Time. Beating SEN Tenz in Valorant 32 out of 32 Times in Radiant Match Making with him, Rage quitting 4 times, credits goes to my Teammates as well. Beating a newbie with loud mouth but low skills noskillch in 1v1 with no damage. Although this boy is not that much skilled but beating saipan over 100 times in 4v4 Versus, noskillch vs Maay, All Time Record Maay Over 350 wins, noskillch 0 wins.

Youtube Videos ┤
Versus 98% MVP - What Does CSGO FPL Pro Looks Like vs Average Peoples?
Versus Funny Enemy Team - What Does CSGO FPL Pro Looks Like vs Average Peoples?
Maay vs noskillch 1v1 (The Parish) - What Does CSGO FPL Pro Looks Like vs Average Peoples?
Epic Nightmare Bhopping Tank Killing Everyone In 5.000 USD Prize Tournament Finals, 2022 Wonder Challengers L4D2 Tournament
Dead Center Solo Expert No Deaths | T1 Only Weapons Only
The Parish Solo Expert No Deaths - Left 4 Dead 2
Dark Carnival Solo Expert No Deaths - Left 4 Dead 2
Duo Expert Dead Center Speedrun No Deaths - Left 4 Dead 2
Bye Bye noskillch | Versus Full Game Dark Carnival
Making a Hacker Mad and Rage & Get Vac Banned - World's Dumbest Hacker in L4D2 noskillch
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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀   •⠀⠀•⠀⠀•

Haters & Rejected ┤So What is Haters and rejected peoples? those who begged to play with Me alot but I refused Of Course Because They are either rookie, too low in skill level, minors, Namelist : noskillch, zshuvi, russian weeb, melon, hantaisan, et sheeran, cuddles-, noobaby, ducah, nobody, unknown, babusskunti, jay_lyle, xysorayx, maynew, bayid, chainsmokers, hawt babies, monsieur, mastro*, japanese goblin, I ate your leftovers, beatvn, wnzl, quay dau la hiphop And Alot More, also anxiet a boy who I beaten In 1v1 1156 and his score 228 And Many Others. Lets be honest for some of them Its very sad Its not that I don't feel bad for them But Lets be Realistic I like to keep my games Competitive. I heard that some of those lost Their mental state since beaten so badly by me That They kept making New accounts and Uses Lyn Name To cheat in Versus lol Imagine This Including noskillch, Noa1mbot and many others, Beware of those Lyn's I play l4d2 in This Account Only. And started posting fake videos about me May God Help Their Mental state and depression Peace :heartpr::heartb::heartg:
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Being the Best ever in The Best FPS game in the world Feels good right🐺 ⓜү𝓽𝓗𝕀c♜🏆👑
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76561199329179038 Jun 12 @ 6:44pm 
I love how sometimes not even herself can comprehend how good she is, Hail Down To The Living Legend Maay :steamhappy:
76561199071243801 May 1 @ 9:10pm 
Maaay has a reaction time that’s lower than 100 milliseconds #LivingLegend #GreatestOfAllTime 👑
76561199181035387 May 1 @ 8:55pm 
Son are you winning? No Chance Daddy on opponent team there is Maaay (*╯-╰)ノ
76561199188308947 May 1 @ 8:41pm 
We meet average people, we meet pros, we meet pros that becomes legend than we meet living Legends which are 1/10000000000000000000 here is one Master Maaay (✾♛‿♛)
76561199183319921 May 1 @ 8:28pm 
Maaay Kills 5 People With 1 Bullet - A Legend 📙🖤
76561199183319921 May 1 @ 8:19pm 
   ❤      ;:    :;
      _,,...,,_  ,;:   ;; _,,,,_
    .,.~т'  ︵   ''';~* .~''''   ''`'';
   ;: 人         ,,.  .~`
  ;.          :;``_.,,,~``'
  彡          ミ
   ;;,    ,..,_    :;`
   ;```    `      /
   ;            :;;
    ;:            ミ
   彡            ミ,.~``~,,
   ;  .  ,..~`        ミ
   ;::   ;:        :;~''''`
     ;:::   :,_,,.,      :;`
   ;` ``;,.., ::`  ;    ,.;;`