Sperm Pipe
300ping awper (China is my religion, not origin)   Kuche, Xinjiang, China
i rarely go under 100 ping ;)
em very shit, so if i top frag, that means my team is shit
i mean it when i say im fucking trash at every game

someone gib me an akihabara accept pls, gotta make my inv whitish

BTW, for anyone who even wonders about this shit, here's my viewmodel:
viewmodel_fov "68.000000";
viewmodel_offset_x "-2";
viewmodel_offset_y "-2";
viewmodel_offset_z "-2";

One of my goals:
To have every type of knife at least once, and every type of skin available for knives at least once. RUBIES, SAPPHIRES AND EMERALDS ARE OFF LIMIT (i hab no money for that shit, getting a doppler also counts as getting all the phases to me, or else i'd still need a phase 1, and phase 3)

-Talon Knife
-Stiletto Knife
-Navaja Knife
-Ursus Knife

-Night stripe
-Safari Mesh
-Marble fade
-Gamma Doppler
-Tiger Tooth
-Bright Water
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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This is the strongest character in the whole Dragonball universe. His name is San Poo Poo, the reason why he is so strong is because he is completely yellow.
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shutap i lik peace more than peace
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%rep cuz math