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SlyMorris Apr 4 @ 5:38pm 
All over the internet, I notice you churlish cretins lauding the supposedly intellectual television program known as Rick and Morty to make yourselves appear more intelligent by extension, as you are ardent watchers of the aforementioned show. However, you piddling planarians only succeed in illustrating how vapid you really are, as Rick and Morty has the intellectual depth of a petri dish. Truly, the most noetic show is neither Rick and Morty, the Big Bang Theory, Jimmy Neutron, nor any other deluge of drivel you deludable dimwits bombard your brains with. Rather, it is Johnny Test, a pinnacle of animation, sound design, acting, and plot. Despite this, most of you sniveling sub-10000s (someone with an IQ under 10000: for the record, my IQ is several orders of magnitude higher than this; my reason for my usage of this term is simply because I am partial to the number 10000)
Bagar Benge Mar 28 @ 4:14pm 
-rep Can't aim for ♥♥♥♥
vinyl - weebs are pedos Sep 23, 2018 @ 1:43pm 
: 🍓🍑🍊🍋🍍🍐🍏🐬🐳🍇🍆🐙🌷🐷🍎🍓🍑🍊🍋🍍🍐🍏🐬🐳🍇🍆🐙🌷🐷🍎🍓🍑🍊🍋🍍🍐🍏🐬🐳🍇🍆🐙🌷🐷🍎🍓🍑🍊🍋🍍🍐🍏🐬🐳🍇🍆🐙🌷🐷🍎🍓🍑🍊🍋🍍🍐🍏🐬🐳🍇🍆🐙🌷🐷🍎🍓🍑🍊🍋🍍🍐🍏🐬🐳🍇🍆🐙🌷🐷🍎🍓🍑🍊🍋🍍🍐🍏🐬🐳🍇🍆🐙🌷🐷🍎🍓🍑🍊🍋🍍🍐🍏🐬🐳🍇🍆🐙🌷🐷🍎🍓🍑🍊🍋🍍🍐🍏🐬🐳🍇🍆🐙🌷🐷🍎🍓🍑🍊🍋🍍🍐🍏🐬🐳🍇🍆🐙🌷🐷🍎🍓🍑🍊🍋🍍🍐🍏🐬🐳🍇🍆🐙🌷🐷🍎🍓🍑🍊🍋🍍🍐🍏🐬🐳🍇🍆🐙🌷🐷🍎🍓🍑🍊🍋🍍🍐🍏🐬🐳🍇🍆🐙🌷🐷🍎🍓🍑🍊🍋🍍🍐🍏🐬🐳🍇🍆🐙🌷🐷🍎🍓🍑🍊🍋🍍🍐🍏🐬🐳🍇🍆🐙🌷🐷🍎🍓🍑🍊🍋🍍🍐🍏🐬🐳🍇🍆🐙🌷🍓🍑🍊🍋🍍🍐🍏🐬🐳🍇
vinyl - weebs are pedos Jul 30, 2018 @ 6:27pm 
snnnnniiiiiiffffffffffff...oh yes my dear....sssnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiffffffff....quite pungent that....dare I say....sssssssnniff...eggs I smell?......sniff sniff....hmmm...yes...quite so my darling....sniff....quite pungent eggs yes very much so .....ssssssssssssssnnnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiffffff....ah yes...and also....a hint of....sniff....cheese.....quite wet my dear....sniff...but of yes...this will do nicely....sniff.....please my dear....another if you please....nice a big now....

vinyl - weebs are pedos Jun 30, 2018 @ 8:20pm 
996666666996669966996666666996669966666996699666699666996699666996699 996666666996669966996666666996669966666699996666699666996699666996699 999966666996669966996666666999996666666669966666699666996699666996699 996666666996669966996666666996669966666669966666699666996699666996699 996666666996669966996666666996669966666669966666699666996699666996666­ 996666666999999966999999966996666996666669966666699999996699999996699

1. press ctrl + f
2. then press 9 and see what happens