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Dewdrop Collector

Find dew that glitters in the daytime sun.
Unlocked Mar 10 @ 2:04am

Story Collector

The Woodsprite knows many stories..
Unlocked Mar 10 @ 2:41am

Sticker Collector

Find all the lost mouse children stickers!
Unlocked Mar 10 @ 1:42am

Card Collector

You can only win with a full deck!
Unlocked Mar 25 @ 3:26am


Just keep clicking...
Unlocked Mar 10 @ 2:35am


Look at the night sky.
Unlocked Mar 5 @ 11:41pm

Calendar Page

Spend a month in Mousewood.
Unlocked Mar 25 @ 3:27am

Spell Breaker

Break the curse of Zaroff.
Unlocked Mar 25 @ 3:24am

Back Home

Reunite a feathered family
Unlocked Mar 5 @ 2:24am

A Good Hand?

Show everyone how good you are at Quartets.
Unlocked Mar 10 @ 2:30am

Golden Patience

Don't let the leprechaun upset you.
Unlocked Mar 9 @ 1:55am

It was nice visiting you!

Say goodbye to the inhabitants of Mousewood.
Unlocked Mar 25 @ 3:32am

Alice in Wonderland

Follow the White Rabbit.
Unlocked Mar 5 @ 12:48am

Event Manager

Get everything read for the big festival.
Unlocked Mar 5 @ 5:23am

Model Student

Learn all the spells.
Unlocked Mar 14 @ 1:41am

Bounty Hunter

These creatures have no business in Mousewood.
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 4:37am


Visit our Steam-store!
Unlocked Mar 4 @ 3:52am