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Personal Achievements

Easy Listening

Listen to all Gramophone recordings
Unlocked Nov 26 @ 6:08am

Smooth Operator

Listen to all Speaker Phone messages
Unlocked Nov 24 @ 6:18am

Ending on a High Note

Play all musical instruments in game
Unlocked Nov 26 @ 7:03am

Maids of Sker

Find all the musical dolls
Unlocked Nov 26 @ 6:46am

Sker Explorer

Visit every location and room in the Sker Mansion and grounds
Unlocked Nov 26 @ 6:45am

Don't Breathe

Hold your breath more than 50 times
Unlocked Nov 26 @ 7:01am

Chief Butler

Ring all ground floor bells
Unlocked Nov 26 @ 6:57am


Find all notes
Unlocked Nov 26 @ 7:04am

Choking Hazard

End up coughing 10 times
Unlocked Nov 23 @ 4:53am

Bull in a China Shop

Bump into furniture 250 times
Unlocked Nov 24 @ 5:59am

Animal Lover

Pet The Dog
Unlocked Nov 23 @ 5:33am

Perfect Harmony!

If Thomas plays the four pieces of the Counter Song on the Harmonium
Unlocked Nov 26 @ 6:51am

Rapturous Applause!

Thomas gives Elisabeth the four brass music cylinders
Unlocked Nov 26 @ 7:08am


Don't use the Phonic Modulator
Unlocked Nov 26 @ 7:07am

Phonic Boom

Use all Phonic Modulator charges

Hard Times

Complete the game on hard setting

Life Saver

Complete the game saving one time or less

Dodgy Geezer

Don't get hit by the enemies at all in the game

The Long Night

Complete Challenge "The Long Night"

Nightmare at the Hotel

Complete Challenge "Nightmare at the Hotel"

In Darkness

Complete Challenge "In Darkness"

Axe of Kindness

Complete Challenge "Axe of Kindness"

The Longest Night

Receive an "A*" Grade in "The Long Night"

Hell at the Hotel

Receive an "A*" Grade in "Nightmare at the Hotel"

In Complete Darkness

Receive an "A*" Grade in "In Darkness"


Receive an "A*" Grade in "Axe of Kindness"

Head of the Hotel

Finish any challenge with more than 150 headshots

Make Love, Not War

Finish any challenge with less than 10 kills

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