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Personal Achievements

Deep Sea Angler

Defeat the Demon Narwhal


Defeat the Demon Spider

Broke the Machine

Defeat the Purgatory Overseer

Pirate Captain

Defeat the Airship Captain Luriel


Defeat the Archangel Michael

Clean Break

Defeat "Trench and Slide" without dying

Cave Dweller

Defeat "Tortoise Port" without dying

Safe Surfer

Defeat "Damn Dam" without dying

Web Dodger

Defeat "Arachnid" without dying


Defeat "Badlands" without dying

No Lunch Break

Defeat "Ovenblast" without dying

Machine Master

Defeat "Overseer" without dying

Don Quijote

Defeat "Emergence" without dying

Unholy Spirit

Defeat "Windopolis" without dying


Defeat "Take Off" without dying


Defeat "Sky Pirate" without dying

Breaking & Entering

Defeat "Crash Landing" without dying

Mirror Master

Defeat the northwest door of the cathedral without dying

Right at Home

Defeat the northeast door of the cathedral without dying

Energy Efficient

Defeat the southeast door of the cathedral without dying

Medal of Dishonor

Defeat "Total War" without dying

Corrupt Soul

Complete all levels with two stars
0 / 20

Force of Evil

Complete all levels with three stars
0 / 20

Enemy of God

Complete all levels with four stars
0 / 20

Original Sin

Collect all the green apples in the adventure
0 / 50


Purchase all the sin upgrades
0 / 14

Con Artist

Purchase all the cheats
0 / 3

Uncivil Disobedience

Defeat a Warrior Angel

Friendship Lost

Defeat a Demon Guard

Shield Breaker

Defeat a Shield Angel


Defeat an Angel Priest


Defeat an Angel Commando


Defeat a Templar Warrior