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Marco Romagnoli   Pavia, Lombardia, Italy

Welcome to my Steam account lad. Please read below.

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All those memories of fighting in Germany against crazed up bots gave you peculiar things, such as memories of trespassing to East Germany, high quality beer, and a hat that we are not sure if is German, Austrian or Italian.

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Created by - Mark Unread | TF2SP
Prosim, read me.
Szia lad/lass/whatever you are.

My name's Marco, and I come from a city called Pavia, located in southern Lombardy, in Italy, European Union.
TF2 Workshopper and aspiring director, as well as learning to become a software developer as well as web developer.

Things I worked on
Protonic Morons - Saxxy Awards 2016, Honorable Mention (Best Movie Homage)
Manned Up Mannequins - Saxxy Awards 2017-2018 (Nominated best Extended)
Please, if you add me, specify why. I cannot keep all the people who add me.

Items I contributed to
Croaking Hazard (Jungle Inferno Update)
Tundra Top (03/29/2018 - Blue Moon Case Update)
EU Mixes Medals

Videos I conributed to realize in any way
Team Neighborhood 4 - Models

Places I have been outside Italy
Jelenia Gora, Poland, EU
Prague, Czechia, EU
San Marino Republic
Budapest, Hungary, EU

Quotes said by gentemanly friends
AndyO's: "I'm not gonna lie, but you have a pretty good team in your team!

A chat I had in day Friday August 12th, 2016:
18:25 - Mark Unread | Saxxy Awards 2016: Cap, aren't you too from Canada?
18:25 - Cap disconnected.

Thursday 29th, 2016:
10:43 - 2P: I'm such an amateur foggist
10:43 - 2P: I'm also an amateur faggot

Wednesday 29th August, 2019
I used to be a furry until I started to fuck

May the 4th, 2017:
[ KARMA ]: vabbe fa niente
[ KARMA ]: conosci invece qualcuno che sappia mettere della fica a degli oggetti?
Mark Unread: Della COSA?
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_Reznor 2 hours ago 
Hey I was wondering if I could have your non unusual Mannrobics
n o s t a l g i a (ღ˘⌣˘ Feb 22 @ 12:47pm 
I thank you so much, that I can be your friends. It's an honor!
maciek Feb 20 @ 4:49pm 
Hey I'm in the progress of creating of tf2 polish LAN event medals I would like to ask you about polycount of your Eu mixes medal. I have some trouble with my one. Thanks
Kulkart Feb 4 @ 1:46pm 
Happy Birthday! :cozydarkseer:
mr clean turns lesbian Feb 4 @ 1:16pm 
Have a happy golden birthday today :47_thumb_up::cryptowink:
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Happy Bithday! :cozyrealmroyale: