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Skeet   Canada
Riddle me this, :kunai:
I am loud and obnoxious, I like music that rhymes, I'm a fraction of the population, but commit over half of the crimes! WHO AM I?

Be careful of people who lie, they get in and start a cancer that grows, resulting in scars that never fully heal.

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* I do not accept friend requests unless you comment the reason or I have met you in-game.
* Spam my comments, and I will permanently block you.
* Comments aren't the best place to start a discussion.
* I main Spy, No I am not a weeb, I'm just French.

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*No low balls.
*Only price I set for item or offers
*If you have questions add me (write reason in comments)

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DEFCON : you are dumb. you are sad. your brain: run by goblin.

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No info for you, you stalker.

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Nate_ Feb 19 @ 11:35am 
readed like an boss B) <--- cool glasses bacause ur totally rly cool boss :)
The Eternal Child Feb 18 @ 7:53pm 
Don't ever talk to me again...
The Eternal Child Feb 18 @ 7:52pm 
Hate social media, don't use twitter, toxic and full of sjw's. Who tf u doe? Sucks to be wrong.
Barack Obama Feb 18 @ 6:23pm 
your profile picture and the way you presented your self gave it away. It's okay though no worries. The 44 will keep your secret safe. Stay safe :medicon:
The Eternal Child Feb 18 @ 5:47pm 
fu(k that sh|t
Barack Obama Feb 18 @ 4:14pm 
twitter user