Despacito   Canada
! Happy New Year Boyz 2019 !

I play Mirrors' Edge Catalyst,TF2,Watch Dogs 2,GTA V,Overwatch and SpeedRunners !

I have a youtube channel !

Things To know About Me:

Im a pretty chill person but if u start fights for nothing, i honestly wont care.

Online: Might be watching videos or talking with friends
Away: Not on computer or gone out
Busy: i mean it's pretty obvious

Im a type of person who plays usually casual and play competitive when needed.

There you have it, a profile bio, that was fast !
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Get me followers you Poopoo head
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Yeah to anyone who adds me without commenting here why you want to, i will be giving out free block communication for everyone ! ~ <3
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sorry the kunai has been sold,
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