[US] Zeta™
I'm just a low-key guy.   San Antonio, Texas, United States
Proud Event Master of Uncanny Servers Star Wars RolePlay. Known as Miraak, Boil or my current alias "Zeta". Aspiring GMOD "actor".

Hope I get to see you on the server soon enough!


"He looked at me and said....In typical Kawhi fashion........'Kawhi Leonard:Superhero."
-Patty Mills
"And so the First Dragonborn meets the Last Dragonborn at the summit of Apocrypha. No doubt just as Hermaeus Mora intended. He is a fickle master, you know. But now I will be free of him. My time in Apocrypha is over. You are here in your full power, and thus subject to my full power. You will die. And with the power of your soul, I will return to Solstheim and be master of my own fate once again. Kruziikrel! Relonikiv! Now!"-Miraak,The First Dragonborn.

"What is better - to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?"


My Personality: ISFP-T [www.16personalities.com]
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