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It's flawed, but I love it nonetheless.

Imagine a mix of Furi and NieR:Automata that were to be created by Obsidian. The result would be Anima: Gate of Memories.

The gameplay is fantastic, and that is why I invoke Furi for comparison. The setting is dark and interesting, hence NieR.
Obsidian is the technical side of things.

The writing is flawed, the voice acting is...present, to be as nice as possible, there are tiny little bugs and imperfections. And yet I still wholeheartedly recommend this game. What you get in return is a lovingly crafted piece with exemplary soundtrack, game design and combat system. The pacing is great, the gameplay - rewarding, and the setting - compelling.

Another good thing is that the devs are very active and constantly communicate with the community.

Caveat emptor, the difficulty is pretty brutal. Otherwise, grab it.
There is a lot of joy to be found here.
Posted July 3, 2017. Last edited July 4, 2017.
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SOMA is a very special kind of horror. The enjoyment from playing it come form the stellar setting and the ambience that immerse you into the universe. The story is quite good too, even though some plot twists are rather expected. The most peculiar thing about SOMA is that, even though the world around you is cold, unwelcomming and hostile, it still feels alluring in some haunting sort of way.

8.9/10 (but in a good way!)
Posted November 27, 2016. Last edited November 28, 2017.
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The idea seems interesting enough, however, the puzzles are wretched. The developer can't make up his mind whether players should disregard the visual representations of the shapes or solve puzzles based on them. Math simply falls through from time to time.

The visuals and the audio are good.

It's a good product, but it's not a good game.
Posted January 25, 2016.
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Most of the reviews out there touch upon technical details of the PC port, leaving the substance of the game alone. I aim to fix that.

First off, let me confirm everything you heard so far about the quality of the port itself - it's really the best one by far by Square Enix. It's smooth, it looks better than on consoles, there is a higher variety of visual options. The port includes all DLC and both English and Japanese audio.

Now, let's move on to the reason I even decided to write this in the first place: the game itself.
Is it good? In short: Very.

At this point, I've spent a little more than 6 hours in it, and I already feel like it managed to justify the price.

The story is pretty good so far, that said, it is very important that you play FF XIII and XIII-2 first, otherwise many many things will be lost on you.

The combat system is probably the most dynamic and player-inclusive in the FFXIII trilogy. It feels quite responsive and your own skill matters quite a lot.

The music is very good, unlike XIII-2. I am yet to find a piece that drives me nuts, like Unseen Intruders, which is a good sign.

The world is gigantic in this game, and it's very non-linear at that.

Now, the dreaded time-limit. I understand that many of you hate the very idea of it, and I was one of you, but now that I tried it, I have to say: the feature is solid. The need for time-management grants the gameplay a sense of urgency and pacing that translates to you feeling on the edge. You experience something similar when you have a last sliver of health in games like Dark Souls. The tensions is exquisite. Completing quests in the game actually allows you to postpone the timelimit, which gives you very real insentive to be efficient. Every day at 6 AM (game time) you are returned to the hub area, and you can see your progress. Let me tell you, when you get there and see that all your actions were not in naught, all the tense gameplay of the day pays off tenfold.

So, yes, I do recommend this game, the only caveat being: "If you played XIII and XIII-2 first".

9/10 so far. Will edit if my opinion changes.

Edit #1.

28 hours in. The gameplay is still solid, as is the music, however, I want to add some important things.

1. The side quests are divided into two categories - normal ones that you find in the world and boring fetch quests that you find on special boards. Initially, this was ok, but now it seems somewhat repetitive, as I am running out of quests that don't descend into tedium.

2. The culmination points for each story arc are mostly very good, but the build up to them can be somewhat lacking.

3. The time limit is a joke now. I have 5 days left, and it seems I did most of the content available. This might be because I heavly used the game mechanic allowing you to briefly freeze the clock for special points you get form battles.

4. That said, some of the achievements and many items, and even gameplay mechanichs, seem to only unlock on NG+.

5. I like where the main story arc is going so far.

Rating: 8.5 because I hate fetch quests and pointless grinding.

Will edit again, possibly.

Edit #2
Beat the game. 100% achievements. Took me 51 and a half hours. Final thoughts:

1. The game stability is faulty in a certain large underground story-related location in the Dead Dunes. Aside from that spot, it ran smoothly.

2. The main story arc did not disappoint.

3. The game offers some surprisingly good end-game content, including the superbosses.

4. The time limit IS a joke. I had 4 days with nothing to do towards the end of the game, so I just slept in the in-game inns.

5. NG+ on Hard felt easier than NG on Normal. I'm still glad I picked Normal, it wasn't as hard as people say it is.

Final rating: 8.0-8.5. It was a solid game.
Posted December 12, 2015. Last edited December 22, 2015.
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Cross of the Dutchman is a pretty neat little game.

Gameplay-wise, it's a minimalistic Action-RPG. The gameplay itself feels good, but that's not this game's selling point.

What sets it apart is the story, which follows a real historic figure from Frissia, Pier Donia, who happens to be the protagonist. I don't want to spoil anything, but let's just say it gets intense.

One other thing that I really liked was the pacing. The game is not too long and not too short, it's just perfect in that respect.
Posted September 10, 2015.
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This game is what Sanctum 2 was to Sanctum 1.

I, for one, welcome the fact that the complicated and interesting spellcasting system is gone.

The game feels more relaxed now, no more of that ecstatic feeling of absolute power, the power rivaling that of ancient gods, all at your fingertips. Who needs that anyway? Who needs fluid and visceral combat when you can have quick magicka slots?

The only downside is that this time around, the game runs more or less stable. But, if you're not dissuaded by this little thing, I suggest you go and buy it right now.
Posted May 27, 2015.
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A stellar puzzle-solving game. The puzzles themselves are logical and just challenging enough. The game's aesthetics are quite pleasing as well. Unlike other games of this genre, this one actually has a pretty good story.

It speaks volumes that I've decided to recommend it, especially given it's short span (1-2 hours).
Posted November 2, 2014.
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A solid game. Good story, nice message, beautiful art style.

I was bored out of my mind.
Posted September 1, 2014.
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I was hoping for something with actual gameplay, but this is nothing more than Spacebar: The Game. Music is ok, I guess.

Posted July 18, 2014. Last edited July 18, 2014.
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FEZ was overhyped.

There is no denying that. When I first started playing it, I was let down. The world-turning mechanics were boring, the platforming unresponsive, at least to my tastes, the art style didn't suit me. I wondered, what was it that people loved so much about FEZ. I hated the game so much that I dropped it almost immediately.

Fast-forward to yesterday, to the day that everything changed. I forced myself to play just a bit more in order to at least beat it. I thought I was returning to the land of tedium, and yet this wasn't the case. Maybe it was the anti-hype quarantine period that helped. I discovered that this game was not what it seems. Instead of platforming, I found increasingly challenging puzzles. It was filled with cryptic messages, lingustic riddles, hidden ciphres. It was fascinating.

This game does nothing to help you discover it's true beauty. It's radiance comes from the fact that it holds you to extremely high standards. What other game forces you to decrypt a language using a Rosetta stone like device? Pen and paper are a must here.

Think of a brutally hard, unforgiving game. Be it Super Hexagon, Dark Souls, Super Meat Boy, I'm sure you remember the extreme sense of accomplishment that surged through you when you conquered it's many challenges. FEZ is like that, only instead of your reflexes, it challenges your mind. Do yourself a favor and play it. Do yourself another favor, and never use guides. You will love it. I promise.
Posted July 1, 2014.
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