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shit renrag says (2:28 PM - Renrag: Plz no)
2:28 PM - Renrag: yes you are a meatball
2:30 PM - Renrag: you belong on a spagetti that will be fed to some peasent who guards a gate

10:42 PM - Renrag: Oh my gawd, I love this song. This is my jam. Where is the peanut butter?

9:40 PM - Renrag: is that piotrusokssisii

8:29 PM - Renrag: Waffles name was poot once
8:29 PM - Renrag: i love it

12:07 AM - Renrag: O; zac efron
12:07 AM - Renrag: With bear grielssls surviving

8:25 PM - MDirt: LOL
8:26 PM - Renrag: LOL

1:06 AM - Renrag: Yes
1:06 AM - Renrag: Face of mercy
1:06 AM - Renrag: Mercy Jackson
1:07 AM - Renrag: Mercy Jackson at camp half over

12:35 PM - Renrag: Write a 5 page essay about roblox

12:42 PM - Renrag: LOL
12:42 PM - Renrag: lemme go take a selfie in my bathroom and put it up

4:23 PM - Renrag: Hotdogs: I bought a hotdog suit so i can scream in it
4:23 PM - Renrag: Ren to cactus: you need a cactus suit

4:58 PM - Renrag: Will you go see the hunger games: Mockingjay part 1 with me

3:00 PM - Renrag: Where is the maayo
3:01 PM - Renrag: Oh my gawd, I love this song. This is my jam. Where is the May-ey-o

10:16 PM - Renrag: I can't say I have

10:16 PM - MDirt: Well you,
10:17 PM - Renrag: don't seem to appeal to me as the right kinda man
10:19 PM - Renrag: In animal crossing did u skip time
10:26 PM - Renrag: Never doubt the worm.
10:27 PM - Renrag: Never doubt the Worm.

7:50 PM - Renrag: ლ('◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) Give ol' granny a hug!

4:44 PM - Renrag: I made my pony
4:45 PM - Renrag:
4:46 PM - Decicus: LMFAO
4:46 PM - Renrag: ;-;
4:46 PM - Renrag: Whats wrong with her
4:47 PM - Renrag: Shes perfect

5:03 PM - Renrag: So true
5:03 PM - Renrag: I know this one girl that drinks like half a gallon a day and survived totaling her car

8:45 PM - Renrag: Just gave an apple to a kid. Does that mean I beat the game?

8:10 PM - Renrag: Its so hard to believe that that grey alien is us in the future
8:11 PM - Renrag: Its NOT us though
8:11 PM - Renrag: Its from the species that brough us to this planet
8:11 PM - Renrag: thats at least what i believe
8:11 PM - Renrag: but now they want to breed into our planet
8:12 PM - Renrag: and i thought we couldn't time travel to the past
8:12 PM - Renrag: only to the future
8:12 PM - Renrag: past is more complecated to time travel to

2:49 PM - Renrag: WOW
2:50 PM - Renrag: u beet radish Bread

6:07 PM - Renrag: He wants to rush
6:07 PM - Renrag: I like to take it slow
6:07 PM - Renrag: Also thats how him and I do in bed
6:07 PM - Renrag: oh trust me i know
6:08 PM - MDirt: that's going on my profile
6:08 PM - Renrag: C:

4:18 PM - Renrag: Oh... Well when you find me ima stare at you until you feel uncomfortable
4:18 PM - Renrag: Then ima walk towards you
4:18 PM - Renrag: And raise my hand
4:18 PM - MDirt: [ o ]_[ o ]
4:18 PM - Renrag: Then smack you on the buttocks
4:18 PM - Renrag: And say good game

8:37 PM - Sir Sniper Mctwisp: hi good afternoon
8:37 PM - Sir Sniper Mctwisp: I heard we are getting married
8:37 PM - Renrag: LOL WHO SAID THAT
8:37 PM - Sir Sniper Mctwisp: u and now u set urself to busy O_O
9:06 PM - Renrag: had to um
9:06 PM - Renrag: set up arrangements

10:01 PM - Sir Sniper Mctwisp: have u heard
10:01 PM - MDirt: have i heard what
10:01 PM - Sir Sniper Mctwisp: im getting married to Renrag
10:01 PM - Sir Sniper Mctwisp: ask Renrag urself

7:32 PM - Renrag: I got everyone to sit on a plane.

10:37 PM - Renrag: Gimme day booty

6:57 PM - Renrag: gonna buy good filming software
6:57 PM - Renrag: gonna film me a montage of punching fallout 4 butts
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2:53 PM - Renrag: Tell your parents that you don't know how it is and how you do that you don't know how it works but it's hard for you doing what your life will do to your life you can be the only person that can tell your family

7:53 PM - MDirt: Renrag: Marajanana isn't a drug, its a stimulant.
7:53 PM - MDirt: MDirt: LMAO
7:53 PM - MDirt: MDirt: THAT SENTENCE
7:55 PM - MDirt: 247Brett: Crack isn't a drug. It's an adreniline supplement.

11:55 PM - Renrag: Oh apparently I was sleep walking last night
11:56 PM - Renrag: Cause I woke up and my pants were in the bathroom

9:29 PM - 247Brett: What did you call me you little chicken suck? I'll have you know I'm a Navy Seal with over 500 confirmed kills.
9:30 PM - MDirt: chicken suck

7:02 PM - MDirt: 8:02 PM - 247Brett: Never realized how money breaking bad people are in the office
8:02 PM - 247Brett: RUGTH THERE
8:02 PM - 247Brett: INF RONT OF YOU
8:02 PM - 247Brett: WATCH OUT
8:02 PM - 247Brett: RIGHT THERE
8:02 PM - 247Brett: IN FRONT OF YOU
8:02 PM - MDirt: what fucking language are you speaking
8:02 PM - 247Brett: UR GETTING REKT
8:02 PM - 247Brett: STOP
7:04 PM - MDirt: 8:03 PM - 247Brett: Wrong person
8:03 PM - 247Brett: meant to spam ren

1:38 PM - MDirt: what does this sound like to you
1:38 PM - MDirt:
1:40 PM - Renrag is now Online.
1:40 PM - Renrag: OOO RADIPEAR DONT TOUCH IT *starts slapping eachothers arms*

SSgt. Abraham Rudolph radios in "Staff Sergeant Abraham Rudolph of the 84th ODST Battalion calling to the UNSC Limiting Factor, requesting evacuation from the planet from Mairo. We have two wounded and our objective is complete, all insurrectionist data seized."
[5'11|Police Riot uniform|Navy Blue an...] says "What about my arm?"
SSgt. Abraham Rudolph says "That's not Insurrectionist data."

11:58 PM - 247Brett (1): I just had really bad diahreah
11:58 PM - 247Brett (1): loud as fuck too
11:59 PM - MDirt: oh

8:30 PM - MDirt: OH GOD SEX
8:31 PM - Renrag: same

10:31 PM - Renrag: i was moving furniture and stuff all day
10:34 PM - Renrag: and im like
10:34 PM - Renrag: oh wait
10:34 PM - Renrag: its a porn bot
10:34 PM - Renrag: ;(

6:02 PM - MDirt: are you talking to bert
6:02 PM - MDirt: GROSS
6:02 PM - Renrag: no
6:02 PM - Renrag: HES TALKING TO ME

1:45 PM - 247Brett: "Came in happy, left severely depressed"
2:56 PM - 247Brett: "Entered a virgin, left in handcuffs"

3:29 PM - Renrag:
3:29 PM - MDirt: why show me this
3:30 PM - Renrag: i want them
3:30 PM - Renrag: I wanna grow them
3:30 PM - Renrag: in my yard
3:31 PM - MDirt: sure you don't want limeberries instead?
3:31 PM - MDirt:

7:33 PM - Renrag: so first you need a teaspoon of salt
7:33 PM - Renrag: three table spoons of sugar
7:33 PM - Renrag: and an egg
7:33 PM - Renrag: EGG EGG EGGG EGG
7:33 PM - Renrag: then you SMASH IT ALL

8:55 PM - Renrag: wallid shoebat

4:42 PM - Renrag: 5 Interstellaris call YEET?

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