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Personal Achievements

Bottle collector

Collect 50 scrap in one day

Time is scrap

Collect 100 scrap in one day

Shiny blue

Find an uncommon weapon

Fantastic engineering

Find a rare weapon

That thing is insane

Find a legendary weapon

The non human vendor

Buy something from the vending machine

Full power!

Use 3 different special powers in a day

No stone left unturned

Search all houses on a mission

Necessary treatment

Heal a survivor that is almost dead.


Kill 15 zombies at once.

Uncommon team

Equip at least 4 survivors with uncommon weapons

So rare

Equip at least 4 survivors with rare weapons

That escalated quickly

Equip at least 4 survivors with legendary weapons

I don't need your help

Survive until night without healing a survivor

Get it done!

Shut down the Factory!

Secret house

Find and loot a secret house

Jack "Jumper"

Defeat the boss: Jack "Jumper"

Sam "Slimey" Splitter

Defeat the boss: Sam "Slimey" Splitter

Frank "The Monster"

Defeat the boss: Frank "The Monster" Stein


Accumulate 250 Scrap

Trigger happy

Use 200 airstrikes in a run

Gotta kill'em all!

Hunt down each type of special zombie!

Giant slayer

Kill 15 giant zombies in a run

Fully equipped

Unlock and fill all item slots

Sole survivor

Win a run with only one survivor living


Win a run without any survivor deaths

Up close and personal

Win the final wave with only melee weapons equipped

Only the basics

Win a run without upgrading any items or powers

Only the best

Win the final day with all equipped items and powers upgraded


Complete a specialization

Jack of all trades

Complete all basic specializations

Hard mode

Complete the challenge specialization

Seen it all

Unlock all entries in the encyclopedia


Find a map piece


Find all 4 map pieces

For bad times

Have 40 or more food

Target audience

Find and interact with 3 billboards in a run


Reach a threat level of 40


Let one banana explode


Complete the tutorial

Daily challenge

Complete a run within the daily challenge mode

Lucky day

Reach 10000 points in a daily challenge


Destroy all trees on a mission


Survive until minute 5 during nighttime

Perfect run

Complete a run with only perfect days

Big spender

Spend 150 scrap on vending machines

Weapon collector

Find all weapons once

Drone party

Have 3 drones equipped at once

House raid

Loot 100 houses in one run

Tool collector

Accumulate 30 tools

Fully upgraded

Upgrade a custom weapon to tier 5


Build all 3 rooms in the base

To the moon!

Finish the game by building the rocket and flying into space