!LevelUp BOT [12 CARD SETS:1KEY]
In non-Steam game
CARD BOT! Sets: 3867 CSGO: 12:1 TF2: 9:1 PUBG: 12:1
Steam Level Up Service
My current rates: 12:1 PUBG, 12:1 CSGO, 9:1 TF2, 1:400 Gems.

The bot accepts all kinds of case keys, except capsule ones.

The bot don't send you sets for badges you have already crafted.

You don't have to own the game in order to craft it's badge

You can use opskins.com to buy tradable Pugb keys without any restrictions, opskins accepts any types of payment.

Bot Commands :

!help - help how bot works

!buy <game> [amount of keys] - where <game> is: csgo / tf2 / pubg . And <amount> is number of keys you want to spend.
For example: !buy csgo 1 would get you 12 sets for your CS:GO key. !buy csgo 10 would make the bot send you an offer with 120 sets for your 10 CS:GO keys.
If you have just purchased few sets from the bot, make sure to craft them first, before to buy more

!level [level you want to reach] - how many sets and keys you need for the level you want to reach. This is calculated from your current level.

!check - how many sets you can buy in total.

!gemsbuy - buy sets for gems. For example : !gemsbuy 1

Why bot can't trade with me?!
1.Your inventory is private.
2.Your Steam Guard is not enabled or you have a trade hold.
3.Keys you have bought from the steam market currently are on a 7 days restriction!
4.You have VAC ban in CS:GO.

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