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I just beat this game after 27 hours, and I haven't felt that relieved to best a game in ages. Hammerwatch has all the best bits of the old 2D age of dungeon crawling, with scant few of what was terribly bad. The game will leave you to eat through droves and droves of enemies that could easily kill you in but a second if they get closer, if you're not careful the game will beat you down with it's cruel and unforgiving policy on health recovery. If you're wise and cautious, you'll be rewarded with large swathes of treasure and the satisfying feeling you get when the enemies finally crumble before your ire.

I'd highly recommend this to any person enthusiastic about the "golden ages" of dungeon crawlers. The main campain will take at least 20 hours to clear if you search far and wide for all the secrets; and there is even an expansion offering an entire additional dungeon. The game may only sport 8 stages, but they will take more than a bit of effort to clear.
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