Amelie   Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
I'm an animator I guess.
One of the best friends I could ever ask for,

my favorite support main carry and best friend
Artwork Showcase
Happy Easter! :D
a fake vanoss gaming group at that
Luu Apr 14 @ 8:32pm 
Try insulting me when you're not in a Vanoss gaming group. I saved you the game under multiple occasions, under which you called me "toxic" for asking you quite nicely twice to not pick up the money as it would keep me alive. In response you go and pick up more money, which called for me calling that out.
She collected all the money, the reason she missed 8 was because she saved all of our asses from losing the game. Twice.
BOLOGNA!!!!! Apr 14 @ 8:27pm 
dont play TF2 with this person she plays scout in MvM and does not collect all the money :)
Aweeee <3